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Week 10

This Saturday will be our last time on the fields together and I cannot believe how fast the season has gone. I was right on most of my predictions last week and it seems that the top seeds in each division were really that much better than the competition.

What did you all think of the QB Rankings last week? I truly enjoyed reading and gaining perspective from our guest writer(s) on who they thought were the best Quarterbacks in the league and the insight provided for each. Although I would like to do more rankings throughout the season, the amount of time and effort that I put into this article and my time spent at the fields each week is exhausting, but in a good way. I look forward to writing this every single week and have put other things off in my personal and work life to do so. I have some fun things planned for the fall session to keep everyone tuned in and talking, but I want to go over my personal reactions to the rankings from last week.

As a reminder, here are the top 10 QB's from the season:

1. Frank Laudico (Wanderers â?? D1)

Right where he should be, he has won countless D1 and D2 championships and rarely makes mistakes. He controls the ball, the offense and the other team's minds. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.

2. Jordan Lawson (Losing Streak â?? D1, Mavericks â?? D2)

Sure, he has tons of talent around him, but remember that he led No Soup for You! to two championships, Victorious Secret to a championship and has played in a championship game in every season he has played. 

3. John Plunkett (Can't Two Hand Touch This - D1)

Probably the most skilled and talented QB of the bunch, but the 5-4 record in D1 and losing to the top teams hurt his case here. There is nobody more fluid on the field and confident in throwing across their body than Plunkett. 3rd is right where he belongs.

4. Karon Barnes (Clutch Genes - D2) 

I like this spot for Karon too. He has his team at a perfect record of 9-0, with the highest scoring offense in the second highest division. Will those skills translate to D1 in the fall, I think so. He is calm, cool and collected and throws a great deep ball.

5. Joe Slisz (Our QB is Better than Allen - D1)

Joe is one of the two QB's EVER to beat The Wanderers in a championsip (the other Tim Sugrue). Too high on the list, definitely not, but the last few weeks he has looked nervous under center. Should he be lower? The guys below him are not better QB's this season, perfect spot.

6. Marty Finucane (Goungo Fever - D1; Totes McGoats - D2; Lava Covered Ninjas - D3)

Marty, Marty, Marty...all 3 of his teams are out of the playoffs. In my opinion, the best play caller on this list. Loves to involve his girls and can pick apart a zone or man defense. Personally, I don't think he is better than Brandon, but I would move Marty down to 7th and bump Brandon up based on this season. 

7. Brandon Siclari (Laces Out! - D3)

As noted above, I will put Brandon in 6th overall. He has had a remarkable season and has his team in a great spot to win it all this Saturday. I think Brandon will have to prove himself all over in D2 in the fall, but he should be up for the challenge.

Alright, so this is where the writer(s) last week and I disagree. I have all the respect in the world for Matt, Kelly and Jay, but doesn't Justin Ginter of Get Open & Catch the Ball have to be on this list? He throws a pretty deep ball, loves his crossing routes over the middle of the field and usually has his team in a position to win even though he has consistently struggled with attendance. I have Justin Ginter at the 8 spot in my rankings.

8. Matt Gordon (Sizzurp Slurpees - D1)

What a rough season for such a nice guy on and off the field. His team never showed up, he usually only had 1 female and was looking for subs and I think he refereed better than he threw the ball this season. A late season injury hurt his teams' chances in the playoffs, but Matt has led his team to the D1 semi-finals on numerous occasions. In my humble opinion, based on THIS season, Matt goes to 12th overall.

9. Kelly Kane (GUCCI - D2)

Our only female QB in the league and what an honor to have her playing at Game On! A true leader and great personality, Kelly is highly underrated as a signal caller. She helps keep her team in games and looks so natural under center. It isn't uncommon for her to pump fake 3, 4, 5 sometimes 10 times on the same play, but teams still fall for it. I would move her to 11th overall in my rankings, but all the respect in the world to her.

10. Jay Bergmann (Go Deep - D2)

I would move Jay up to 9 in my rankings. He had a fantastic season in D2 and I believe that when Go Deep does make the jump to D1, please be in the fall, that his skillset will translate nicely. 

Why was Chris Mekker not on this list from our guest writer(s)? He plays in D3 just like Brandon and led his team to a 6-3 record. Could he play in D2 and be successful? I know that he could and that is why I would have him at 10th overall to round out my personal top 10 QB rankings.

In D1, the top 4 seeds remain and the championship is up for grabs as the top seeded Wanderers and Losing Streak have yet to play in the playoffs while Can't Two Hand Touch This and Our QB is Better than Allen won their respective games to advance. There were a few surprises in D2 as GUCCI and Just Get Open at the 5 and 6 seeds, respectfully, remain with the top 2 seeds, Clutch Genes and Mavericks. The top 4 seeds remain in D3 as well, but Laces Out continues their dominance and should be able to win it all, but the other three teams have been playing hot lately too. Our Golden Keg division features the top seeded Kitna Kids, both of the 2 seeds and the surprise 5 seed in All Razzle No Dazzle. I just learned this week that the divisions (East & West) would be crossing over for the championship, but that doesn't change my preseason lock of Kitna Kids winning it all.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know you all this season and for the fun memories and friendships that have developed. It has been so rewarding hearing whispers of "The Manager" at the fields and all of the emails that I have received from so many of you. While this is certainly not the end for us, it will be a short break from now until the fall season starts. I intend to be back in full swing helping predict the games each week, giving shout outs to players and teams across all divisions and hearing from some new people. Let's all enjoy the last week of our season and make it a point to have fun, be competitive and thank our Game On! owners, staff, referees and captains for all that they have done for us.

I know that most of you skip right to your division(s) and games, so let's not delay any longer and do just that!


Last week's scores:

Goungo Fever 38 over Tap Dat Pass 30

Get Open & Catch the Ball 48 over Sizzurp Slurpees 8

Our QB is Better than Allen 68 over Goungo Fever 40

Can't Two Hand Touch This 34 over Get Open & Catch the Ball 28 (OT)

This Week's Matchups:

(1) Wanderers vs. (4) Our QB is Better than Allen +6 Game of the Week #1

Wanderers beat Our QB during the regular season 52-36 and it was never really a close game. I don't think I can give credit to a team that announced they were throwing games to avoid a certain matchup in the playoffs. I think that championship hangover is real for Our QB and with their only win in over a month coming in the first round of the playoffs, they have lost tons of momentum and quite frankly, confidence. The Wanderers just keep winning, running the same couple of plays and probably don't care which team they play in the championship. I would be very surprised to see an upset here and the Wanderers losing. Sal has had to pick up slack on the defensive end with the unfortunate loss of Mike O earlier in the season and has been lethal on extra point plays. The girls keep rolling and have some of the most reliable hands in the league, giving Frank tons of options. The tie dye crew has done it longer and better than their opponent and won't lose this one. Prediction: Wanderers win 46-42

(2) Losing Streak vs. (3) Can't Two Hand Touch This +6

Does anyone really want to play Losing Streak right now? Watching this team makes me think that Jordan literally just picked the best athletes from every league, division and team to make a super team. Every all-star squad still have their weaknesses and The Wanderers have been renting space in the minds of Ralph for years now. On the other sideline Saturday will be Can't Two Hand Touch This who had a great first session in D1, where they have belonged all along and have Plunkett calling plays and slinging the ball. Injuries and other, more important priorities have been an issue for purple all season and could pose a problem Saturday as well. Either way, I just don't see Can't Two Hand pulling this one off, they had to go to overtime to beat Get Open & Catch the Ball last week and lost to Losing Streak during the regular season 68-46. Prediction: Losing Streak wins 60-35

Championship Preview:

(1) Wanderers vs. (2) Losing Streak

Isn't this what everyone wants to see? Do we really expect anything else? Possibly an upset by Our QB, but not with the way they have been playing lately. For those of you that don't know, Wanderers have been THE team to beat for years now. They are the class of D1, only losing twice in the last 5+ years, once to Talent Juice and once to Our QB is Better than Allen in the fall of 2021. Losing Streak has been in the big game against The Wanderers two times already, losing both by one score. Something will be different this Saturday though because pink is hungry, motivated and focused. The Wanders are missing a key piece of their offense and defense in Mike O. and have had several new players join in Nick Utz and Nick Chimera, who both have fit in nicely into the system that has worked for so long. Who cares if they take all 6 plays down the field to score? Who cares if they win by 50 or win by 1, a win is a win? On paper, Losing Streak has better athletes. Wanderers have the better QB. Losing Streak is faster. Wanderers are smarter. Losing Streak is younger. Wanderers are wiser. I really want to go with Wanderers here, because they have done it twice before against the same team, but the addition of Kye and Courtney to Losing Streak > the addition of Nick and Nick to Wanderers. Prediction: Losing Streak wins 50-39


Last Week's Scores:

GUCCI 54 over Touchdown There 28

Just Get Open 54 over Touch Football Mafia 36

GUCCI 30 over Totes McGoats 27

Just Get Open 36 over Go Deep 28

This Week's Matchups:

(1) Clutch Genes vs. (5) GUCCI +4 Game of the Week #2

Why does everyone keep underestimating Kelly and GUCCI? They have been beating teams for so long and they just handled business last Saturday knocking off two teams to get to the semi-finals. Clutch Genes is moving up to D1 in the fall where they belong and it would be nice for them to get the championship before they do, but I think this game will be closer than most people are going to think. Ant of Clutch Genes is an absolute stud that can ball out on offense and defense. He is fast, has great hands and what seems like a bigger catch radius than he should have for his height. Kelly of GUCCI has so many weapons and is such a smart QB and play caller. I have heard so many times from teams; "oh, we are playing the female QB team" and with all the confidence in the world, that team goes out and gets smoked by that female QB. Clutch Genes beat GUCCI twice in the regular season 50-25 and 50-43. I think this one will come down to the wire, but Clutch Genes is just playing lights out this season. Prediction: Clutch Genes wins 50-45

(2) Mavericks vs. (6) Just Get Open +3

So I have to admit that I was wrong in my preseason rankings and even throughout the season not giving much love to Mavericks. They quietly won 6 games, had the second best offense in the division and earned a bye to the semis. It's a mystery who will show up each week, but the core of Jordan, Anna and Britt, the carry-overs from Losing Streak, have helped keep this team in games. Just Get Open started so hot and then cooled off quickly during the regular season, just to heat up again when it counted during playoffs. They beat an excellent team in Go Deep to earn a trip to the semis and have all the momentum going into this one. John Caie had an excellent run last week, coming down with big plays on defense. If you don't believe the write-up, just ask him, he let everyone on all 3 fields know about it last week. It will be interesting to see who shows up for which team, because both share so many players with other teams, so this one could come down to who has a sub and who doesn't. If Brian and Jordan are out there playing defense, I would probably tune into another game at the 11am time slot. Prediction: Mavericks win 40-37

Championship Preview:

(1) Clutch Genes vs. (2) Mavericks

Another division with the 1 and 2 seeds coming out to the big game. Does it really even seem possible for anyone to knock off Clutch Genes? They are just so good on both sides of the ball. They have humble, athletic males and females that can make plays and not worry about any of the glory or who gets the ball most. In the regular season, Clutch Genes beat Mavericks 45-37 and it should be noted that the 45 points scored by Clutch Genes were the FEWEST scored all season, not that the Mavericks defense is anything special. Both teams know how to score and love to throw the deep ball. The girls on both sides are special and the QB's were ranked 2nd (Jordan) and 4th (Karon) overall last week. If Mavericks can get a few stops on defense and control the clock and move the ball on offense, they will make this game respectable. Clutch Genes are like the Golden State Warriors in that they have such a deep bench that other teams really have a hard time keeping pace. Prediction: Clutch Genes win 46-39


Last Week's Scores: 

Suite D over Goatsack! (Win by Forfeit)

Laces Out 54 over Suite D 0

North Buffalo Knights 37 over The Hulks 21

It's For Fun 46 over Lava Covered Ninjas 30

4th & Schlong 34 over Still Running 16

This Week's Matchups:

(1) Laces Out vs. (4) 4th & Schlong +10

What a surprise! Laces Out finished in 1st place in the division and absolutely rolled their competition last week in the playoffs. Is anyone surprised? All kidding aside, Brandon has his team in a perfect position to finally win a championship. They deserve all the credit for being the powerhouse that they are in D3 and I am hoping that they finish their quest this Saturday to become champions and move up to D2. Josh and Erin are two household names at this point and Riley is that guy that looks like Morgan Wallen that everyone knows by name. Laces beat 4th and Schlong 60-49 during the regular season and Caitlyn and husband/QB/best haircut in the league, Sean has been throwing great all season. He hasn't gotten the recognition he deserves, but he was an honorable mention in our QB Rankings and for a D3 QB that has his team at 5-4, that is saying something. I just can't pick against one of the hottest teams in the league right now, so I have to go with what I know for certain will probably happen Saturday. Prediction: Laces Out wins 43-31

(2) North Buffalo Knights vs. (3) It's For Fun EVEN Game of the Week #3

Austin kindly reminded me that his team beat Laces Out (their 10th game of the season that wasn't really a game, but was a game for It's For Fun, but the points against didn't count, but the points for did and the refs got paid, but shouldn't have and why isn't it in the standings game). I don't control any of those things, but I will take a minute to remind EVERYONE that It's For Fun DID in fact beat, the previously undefeated, but still undefeated Laces Out 40-36. So now that that is out of the way, let's talk about North Buffalo Knights. Another honorable mention QB, Chris Mekker and team finished at 6-3 with a top defense and beat It's For Fun during Week 1 of the regular season 18-0. The Knights have been together for so long and have won a championship recently, so the experience and chemistry is definitely there. The girls on both teams have made play after play and don't get the recognition they deserve. I would love to see either of these teams advance to the championship and I don't really have a prediction that I am confident with, but I will go with my gut. Prediction: It's For Fun wins 33-28

Championship Preview:

(1) Laces Out vs. (3) It's For Fun 

I want to make sure that I give credit where credit is due and recognize once again that It's For Fun did beat Laces Out this season. The females could be the difference makers in this game as Amanda, Carri and Jenna have thrived for their team and really impressed me with their ability to find the openings on offense, especially in the red zone. On the other side, Laces Out boasts Amber, Andrianna, Erin and Kay, who have ALL been playing for a number of years and have ALL played in the top division multiple times. Brandon is a former D1 champion and would love to lead his team, this time at QB, to another championship in D3. He was the 7th overall ranked QB in our rankings, much too low in his own opinion, but if he wants to climb that QB ladder he needs to move up the division ladder too. This one is going to be fun, because that's what Saturday football is for, right? Prediction: Laces Out doesn't lose again and wins 42-28

Golden Keg Division â?? East:

Last Week's Scores:

Ghosts of Meridian 16 over Trophy Wives 0

All Razzle No Dazzle 18 over Balls Deep 14

All Razzle No Dazzle 34 over Boozin and Losing 31

Your Mom 26 over Ghosts of Meridian 21

This Week's Matchups:

(2) Your Mom vs. (5) All Razzle No Dazzle +2

Let's talk about All Razzle No Dazzle! As the 5th seed they beat the 4 seed Balls Deep 18-14 and the top seed Boozin and Losing 34-31. Sure, their two wins came by a combined 7 points, but here they are in the semi-finals. Dave has his team in a great position and their defense has been playing at a high level the past few weeks. Your Mom barely squeaked past the Ghosts of Meridian 26-21 last week and look to advance to the championship this week. Your Mom beat All Razzle twice during the regular season, 20-6 and 32-22, both convincing wins. I really don't know in this one as the momentum could swing in either team's direction. Nick of Your Mom should have his way on offense and do whatever he wants in the red zone. Prediction: All Razzle No Dazzle wins 30-27

Golden Keg Division â?? West:

Last Week's Scores:

Ampadu's Assets 26 over Shattered Dreams 21

Show Me Your TD's over Odoo (Win by Forfeit)

Boats & Hoes 50 over Show Me Your TD's 20

Kitna Kids 26 over Ampadu's Assets 21

This Week's Matchups:

(1) Kitna Kids vs. (2) Boats and Hoes EVEN

This is another game that is hard to pick a winner. If you remember, during my preseason rankings, I picked Kitna Kids as my absolute lock to win it all, but then Boats and Hoes came around and made things difficult. Both teams finished 7-2 with the same exact point differential in +158, both teams are fast, have great females and confident QB's. Kitna Kids spanked Boats & Hoes during the regular season 52-32 and reminded everyone why they were my locks to win the Golden Keg. Which of these teams do you think could move up to D3 in the fall? Personally, I would love to see both of them move up and challenge themselves a little more with better competition. I am thinking that Colin and Shaq could have a huge game for Kitna Kids and Josh could be pulling himself to put Xavier in at QB in the second half. Prediction: Kitna Kids wins 48-37

Championship Preview:

(1) Kitna Kids vs. (5) All Razzle No Dazzle +8

I didn't know that there would be a winner from the East and a winner from the West facing off for the Golden Keg, although that explains why it is the Golden Keg and not the Golden Kegs. I really don't have much to go on here because both teams played different teams throughout the season and honestly probably don't even know what color the other team is. Kitna Kids have been putting up major points as of late and got on a roll the 3rd week of the season and never slowed down. All Razzle No Dazzle came on as of late and knocked off the powerhouse of the division in Boozin and Losing. I think that Kitna Kids had a much tougher division in the West than All Razzle did in the East and that is going to play a factor. Kitna Kids, my advice to you, go back and read my preseason rankings as to why I picked you nearly three months ago to win it all and remind yourselves that it would feel much sweeter to win a championship and move up rather than being moved up by the powers that be without winning one. My advice to All Razzle No Dazzle, your safeties are studs, pump them up all game and remind them how good they are and that they can roll with the best of them. Kitna has speed, but so do you. Clay is a battle-tested QB that can throw with the best of them. Both teams, go out and have fun and play hard, one of you will be hoisting the Golden Keg on Saturday! Prediction: Kitna Kids win 44-26

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion: 

Which team moves up, regardless of playoff outcomes?

Clutch Genes (D1), Go Deep (D1), Laces Out (D2), Kitna Kids (D3), Boats & Hoes (D3)

2-Point Conversion:

Which team(s) moves down a division in the fall?

Goungo Fever (D2),Touch Football Mafia (D3), Suite D (Golden Keg), Goatsack (Golden Keg)

1-Point Conversion: 

If you missed out on our Friday summer league, please stay tuned for updates on the fall league that will be taking place on the same fields on Saturdays. Email and social media postings will be coming out shortly with information on how to register your team or sign up as a free agent.

Thank you again for taking the time to read these each week. I am sorry that our last week here was posted so late and I promise to be back in the fall with exciting new features that you are going to love. I still want to hear from you all during the offseason, you can email me at, and I will always respond. As for me, I am going to enjoy the last week of our Spring session this Saturday, try to meet a few more new people and sail off into the sunset for the summer. 

"The Manager"

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