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Week 6

Week 6

Week 6 is here and after Saturday, teams will not play again until June 4th. We are now over halfway through the season and most of my predictions and preseason odds are holding true. The league has seen many new players and stars arise throughout the past 5 weeks and I am excited to see how the second half plays out.

I appreciate those of you that have reached out to me at It has been great hearing about your games and the players and plays that make our Saturdays fun. I have something great in store for all of you during the next two weeks even though we are taking a break from our games on Saturdays, so please stay tuned and watch for email updates from the league.

What do you think of the weekly write-ups? Do you agree with my point differentials? Did you do enough to get recognized? Do you realize how hard it is for one person to learn the names of over 500 players in our league? Did I miss that amazing one-handed, toe drag TD that wasn't a TD that got posted to social media? Was it fun watching our longtime referee Dean get pummeled, but knowing he was in perfect position on that play?


Last week's scores:

Tap Dat Pass 38 over Goungo Fever 22

Wanderers 61 over Can't Two Hand Touch This 57

Losing Streak 73 over Sizzurp Slurpees 34

Our QB is Better than Allen 64 over Sizzurp Slurpees 28

Is anyone surprised that Wanderers won again and moved to 5-0 while averaging nearly 50 PPG? Sizzurp Slurpees melted in the hot sun and can't wait for the season to be over so they can get their free small slurpees on July 11th. Losing Streak and Our QB is Better Than Allen continue to fight for league offensive supremacy as the crew in black is averaging 68.8 PPG and navy is averaging 61.8 PPG. The bottom 5 teams in the division are all at .500% or worse with the bottom three COMBINING for 3 wins total. D1 seems to look more lopsided each week with some serious point differentials. The Wanderers, Losing Streak and Our QB is Better Than Allen are a combined 13-2 while Sizzurp Slurpees, Get Open & Catch the Ball and Goungo Fever are a combined 3-14. Should every team really make the playoffs in D1?

This week's matchups:

Wanderers @ Get Open & Catch the Ball +18

The point spread keeps getting larger for Justin and crew but after a week off they are surely motivated and healed from the first half of the season. I am hoping to see Nick show up for a game so that somebody on GOCTB can keep up with Sal from the Wanderers. The tie dye crew isn't flashy, doesn't throw deep often and generally uses all 6 plays to get downfield while not committing any turnovers. That seems like a recipe for winning to me. Prediction: Wanderers win 53-32

Tap Dat Pass @ Sizzurp Slurpees +14

Tap Dat Pass got the win last week despite missing most of their team. Randi continues to be a safety blanket for Tony when he is scrambling. Cordair doesn't go a game without a big play and happily lets everyone know about it. Slurpees looked more competitive last week than they have all season, but still lost both games of their double header. I said last week that Slurpees were one of my must win teams and that pressure is even greater now as they sit at 1-6. Prediction: Sizzurp Slurpees finally get their second win 34-32

Can't Two Hand Touch This @ Goungo Fever +20

After a two week layoff, Can't Two Hand Touch This had the pleasure of playing the top team in the division and nearly came out with the upset. This team can put up points too, but their defense allows quite a bit as well. John easily has the strongest arm in the division and threw an absolute perfect pass to Sean in the back corner of the end zone. Rumor has it that there was even a Darrik Bloomfield sighting Saturday. Goungo Fever has been struggling and they have a killer of a schedule left. You know things are bad when Marty is forced to play safety. Prediction: Can't Two Hand Touch This wins 60-29

Our QB is Better than Allen +2 @ Losing Streak *Game of the Week #1*

Sorry, but probably the only watchable game this Saturday in D1. Both teams have been destroying their opponents this season and have one loss each, with Our QB's courtesy of Losing Streak on Week 1, 64-49. Joe of Our QB wrote to me to shout out Sam, who hauled in 3 TDs last week in their first game and is must-watch TV. I heard the ladies of Losing Streak had a couple of pick-8s last week as well. Head over to Field 3 at 3pm for this one, it will be well worth it and the cameras of Our QB will be recording. Prediction: Our QB is Better Than Allen wins 60-56


Last week's scores:

Mavericks 39 over Touch Football Mafia 23

Just Get Open 55 over Totes McGoats 20

Clutch Genes 64 over Touchdown There 46

Go Deep 26 over GUCCI 24

There were only 4 games last week and only 3 this week. Clutch Genes put up 64 against Touchdown There, who still desperately need a win. Just Get Open brought Totes back down to reality, beating them by 35 points. Mavericks took care of Touch Football Mafia for the second week in a row and Go Deep barely squeaked it out against GUCCI. This week Go Deep and Touch Football Mafia get a break and won't play again for nearly a month with our upcoming two week layover. Clutch Genes have really looked like the class of the division and would be a great compliment to D1 in the fall, but Go Deep and Just Get Open could do the same.

This week's matchups:

Touch Football Mafia +16 @ Clutch Genes

These two teams faced off two weeks ago and Clutch Genes came out with the win 60-20. Losers of three straight, Touch Football Mafia desperately need to get back on track, but this is a tough week to do that against one of the hottest teams in the league. Karon and crew are cool, calm and collective as they remain atop the division at 6-0. Of their 6 games, the lowest total points they scored was 48, in a comeback win over Go Deep. Touch Football Mafia has only scored 40+ in one game this season. Prediction: Clutch Genes win 50-26

Totes McGoats +2 @ GUCCI *Game of the Week #2*

GUCCI lost a close one last week as Go Deep eventually caught onto Kelly's triple pump fake throws. Chris Territo seems to run those quick out routes for Kelly perfectly and she consistently puts it where only he can get it. GUCCI needs more than two females to show for a game so Kelly can take a break on defense. The players from each team know one another well and have been playing for many years. It seems as though Totes got a little younger this year though with their new additions and that could favor them this week. GUCCI will have only 1 game left after this week and could drop significantly in the standings by some other teams. Prediction: GUCCI wins 39-38

Mavericks @ Touchdown There +8

The Mavericks sit at 3-2 with their losses coming by a combined 10 points. Touchdown There don't seem to be the D2 offensive juggernaut they once were but that is probably because they don't have Dave McKay on their roster this spring. I am sure Tony is disappointed to be winless but he also knows that all teams make the playoffs and I would never count this team out as I have been watching them for years and know what they are capable of. Amber and Britt had some nice TD catches last week and both played great defense against the girls of Touch Football Mafia. Mavericks will probably have attendance issues again this week, but so does Touchdown There. Prediction: Not the sexy prediction you were looking for but Mavericks tie Touchdown There 45-45


Last week's scores:

Laces Out! 33 over North Buffalo Knights 16

Lava Covered Ninjas 44 over The Hulks 42

4th & Schlong 32 over Goatsack! 24

Still Running 28 over Suite D 18

There were some really close, down to the wire games last week in D3, with our Game of the Week being somewhat of a letdown. Laces Out continued their dominance in the division and remain one of four undefeated teams in the league at 6-0. Lava Covered Ninjas female firepower was too much for The Hulks to handle. 4th & Schlong went long against Goatsack!, who has been ravaged by injuries, to move to .500 on the season and Still Running is still running also moving to .500. I feel like there is quite a bit separating the teams at the top and bottom of this division, just as I did in D1. Laces Out look like they would be comfortable in D2 in the fall and Suite D and The Hulks would fit nicely into our Golden Keg division.

This week's matchups:

North Buffalo Knights @ Goatsack! +6

North Buffalo Knights are like the Mavericks of D3. One week they are hot, the next they can't seem to move the ball downfield. I am confident that D3 is right where the Knights should be and a win Saturday would move them to 4-2. Andy can't really do anything but smile and laugh at how the season has gone so far. The poor guy has more players on injured reserve than actually take the field each week. They clearly belong in D3 as well and at 2-4 with three games remaining, could really move up in the standings for an easier first round matchup in the playoffs. The ladies on both sides should be the difference makers and this one will be fun to watch. Prediction: Goatsack! wins 33-24

Laces Out! @ The Hulks +16

I truly believe that The Hulks are their own worst enemy right now. Once a staple of D2, they decided to move down to D3 as they lost some players, but the core still remains. Will, Dave, Ashly, Casey and Geo are still lacing up the cleats each week, but it is hard when you are shorthanded looking for females. Laces Out has an abundance of them but it is doubtful any want to help The Hulks. Brandon boasts some of the best talent in the division having Amber, Andriana, Erin and Kay on the team. The point spread is right here, but I think the game could be a little closer than the score indicates, with Laces Out pulling away in the second half. Prediction: Laces Out wins 39-27 to stay undefeated

4th & Schlong +4 @ Lava Covered Ninjas

The question many have been asking is how Marty of Ninjas, at nearly 40 years old, throws 3+ games each week and still manages to take the field the following Saturday. I wonder that myself too as Marty had a rough week last week going 1-2, but the one win did come with this team. I would love to hear from somebody on 4th & Schlong as I don't know your QB's name, but I did see him throwing some pretty good passes and your receivers dropping quite a few of them. You have to get this man some help and haul in the pass when it hits you in the gloves! Winners of their last two, 4th & Schlong have the momentum to knock off the 2nd place team. Prediction: 4th & Schlong receivers do catch more passes but Lava Covered Ninjas win 38-31

It's For Fun @ Suite D +8

You have to feel for Clay and company as they won their first game of the season and have struggled since. It's For Fun have won their past three games, including a 26-13, Week 3 win against Suite D. The first of a double header for Austin and company, they could surge in the standings with two wins this week. Prediction: It's For Fun wins 29-18

Still Running +2 @ It's For Fun *Game of the Week #3*

Still Running has won two very close games the past two weeks as JZ makes her grand return in stylish fashion to haul in some catches from the scrambling Al. This team has enough players to run practices during the next two weeks off and that's exactly what they will do as they fight for another championship. The second game of the day for It's For Fun and they quietly sit in 4th place. They will only have two games remaining after this week and a win or two could set them up nicely for playoff seeding. Prediction: JZ doesn't show up for Still Running and It's For Fun wins 30-26

Golden Keg Division:

Last week's scores:

Your Mom 20 over All Razzle No Dazzle 6

Ampadu's Assets 34 over Shattered Dreams 8

Balls Deep 52 over Trophy Wives 0

Boozin' and Losing 50 over Ghosts of Meridian 25

Kitna Kids 52 over Show Me Your TD�¢??s 6

Boats & Hoes W over Odoo L

Boozin and Losing gets some revenge on Ghosts of Meridian evening the season series at a game apiece. Balls Deep blanked Trophy Wives and Your Mom held All Razzle No Dazzle to a measly 6 points. Marco or Sergio of Ampadu's Assets helped throw their team to a 34-8 win over Shattered Dreams. Kitna Kids perhaps starting reading my write-ups and got motivated as they put up 52 against Show Me Your TDs. Lastly, Odoo forgot they had a mandatory company meeting and gave Boats & Hoes the forfeit win. A few EVEN point spreads and a few large, this week should have some great matchups in our Golden Keg divisions.

This week's matchups:

Balls Deep @ Ghosts of Meridian EVEN *Game of the Week #4*

I hope that the Ghosts can get back on track this week as they have looked somewhat inconsistent thus far and have a winning record, but a negative point differential. Mike of Balls Deep played great last week and everyone saw Andy drop an easy interception, but they still picked up the win against Trophy Wives. These teams are right next to one another in the standings with Balls Deep possibly moving up with a win. The only team to wear pink in the league, Balls Deep looks great out there when everyone shows up. I really enjoy our free agent teams coming together throughout the season too and I can see the Ghosts of Meridian sticking around for the fall session with the chemistry they have built. Prediction: Ghosts of Meridian win 30-28

Your Mom @ All Razzle No Dazzle EVEN

I know who makes the schedules and I know how much time and effort is put into granting all of the teams requests, but c'mon, another week with the same two teams facing off against each other in two consecutive weeks! This has to be planned, right? Your Mom picked up the win 20-6 last week as Mike and crew are now 4-1-1. What did All Razzle No Dazzle learn last week? That Your Mom will not go down easy. See what I did there? Both teams play stingy defense and Your Mom actually has a negative point differential so this game is hard to predict. I am going to go with the result from last week as that is how all of the other back to back, same team games have gone in other divisions. Prediction: Your Mom wins 20-6

Shattered Dreams +20 @ Boats & Hoes

Boats & Hoes probably got somewhat lucky as I didn't see Xavier at the fields last week and surely they would have needed him to throw during the second half when they were up by 30 points. Shattered Dreams unfortunately haven't given anyone nightmares this season and are still looking for their first win of the season. I think the recipe for success in this one is to throw Keyshaun the ball every single play regardless of whether he is open or not, but he is always open so it wouldn't matter. Boats & Hoes know how to put up points and are ready for D3. Prediction: Boats & Hoes win 48-14

Trophy Wives +22 @ Boozin' and Losing

Boozin' and Losing got back on track last week with a 50-25 win over Ghosts of Meridian, while Trophy Wives have had a difficult time finding the end zone. It is always fun to see Darren throwing deep passes to his sister, Rochelle, and the two have a serious football connection on the field that is hard to stop. I still don't know too much about Trophy Wives as I hope to hear from their captain, Dustin, soon. I will go with what I know here in this one and that is Boozin' and Losing being around for several seasons now and the advantage of Darren learning how to play QB from his time with Can't Two Hand Touch This. Prediction: Boozin' and Losing wins 47-9

Kitna Kids +3 @ Ampadu's Assets

I really wanted to give this our last Game of the Week but decided to go with our first game listed above. This one should have some serious points put up as both sides know how to utilize their females and score 8 each time down the field. Ampadu's Assets average 37.8 PPG and allow 20.4. Kitna Kids are scoring 35.8 and giving up 22.8. Ampadu's are in 2nd place at 4-1 and Kitna Kids sit in 3rd at 3-2. Overall, these teams are very similar and this should be a great matchup. Look out for Colin and somebody please find out where Marco and/or Sergio got their team name! Prediction: Ampadu's Assets wins 37.8 to 35.8 depending which referee is keeping score

Odoo +5 @ Show Me Your TDs

Odoo, don't go out like this! If you all have a company meeting just text, email or call one of the Game On! owners and we can work to reschedule your game. I missed seeing all of you last week at the fields. Show Me Your TDs are winning very close games and their two losses came by a margin of 74 points. Yet another tough team to gauge as they have been inconsistent. Tanner didn't look his usual self at quarterback last week, perhaps because his receivers had a difficult time getting open against the Kitna Kids' safeties. I am anxious to see how they will answer this week as Odoo has some strong downfield play themselves. There is no way Christina allows her team to lose two in a row. Prediction: Show Me Your TDs win 27-18

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:
Which 3 players do you take from each division as a foundation to build a new team?

Here are my picks:

D1: Sal Augugliaro (Wanderers); Chris Nelson (Losing Streak); Darlene Eckhardt (Our QB is Better Than Allen)

D2: David Gdaniec (Just Get Open); Courtney Kaczor (Clutch Genes); Jordan Lawson (Mavericks)

D3: Erin Kraus (Laces Out); Alexis Krause (North Buffalo Knights); Timothy Sugrue (Lava Covered Ninjas)

Golden Keg: Rochelle Ricchiazzi (Boozin' and Losing); Andy Heftka (Balls Deep); Marco and/or Sergio Gangarossa (Ampadu's Assets)

2-Point Conversion:
Thank you to Paul of Go Deep for writing to me to show appreciation for your QB, Jay. Your team has been a welcomed surprise in D2 and I expect great things from you all in the playoffs. On the other hand, for whoever is reading, Paul also said, very respectfully, that Jay has THE. BEST. ARM. TALENT. in the division. Would Karon, Brian, Jordan, Kelly, Marty, Steve or Tony like to chime in? If so, write to me at and let the debate begin. Jay does have his team in 2nd place, behind Karon and Clutch Genes. Watch for our QB ranking over the next two weeks during our break to find out more, but this works better if I hear from more of you!

1-Point Conversion:
Which Game On! owner do you think is the best all-around athlete in football alone? You have, in strictly alphabetical order, Brandon, Marty, Tim and Tom. I will give you my ranking in the next article. Give me yours by emailing me at and I would love to hear from the owners as well.

See you at the fields this Saturday. I hope that you see me too!

"The Manager"

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