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Week 6

Week 6 - The Manager Write Up

Week 6 is already upon us and what crazy weather we had last week and it seems to be even more nuts this week. We had rain, wind and sun all at once and this week, we move back into the 70's. Only seems possible in Buffalo. Who can I talk to about getting heated turf? That was brutal watching games in the elements and being cold all day!

After 5 weeks we have six teams that remain undefeated;

D1: Losing Streak 6-0

D2: None

D3:Lava Covered Ninjas 5-0; North Buffalo Blazers 3-0*

D4: Boozin and Losing 4-0-1; Ampadu's Assets 4-0

D5: All About the U 4-0

They all look very strong in their respective divisions and I honestly don't expect any of them to drop from the ranks of undefeated this week. I am anxious to see the Ninjas square off against the Blazers and think that Losing Streak and All About the U will each finish the season at 9-0. Boozin and Losing and Ampadu's Assets both play in a very competitive division in which any of the top 5 teams can spell upset potential to the undefeated. It will be interesting to see how things play out and congratulations to our six teams that still have yet to lose!

This week I am making a plea to our captains, owners and Game On faithful to please share the write-ups with your teams. I am hearing still after two sessions now that players and even entire teams didn't know this "Extra Points" article existed! I would love to hear from more of you, don't be afraid to email me at

Yes, even with the weekly Pick-ems email, announcement on Instagram and more, I talk to many people to find out what they thought of the weekly article and they don't have a clue. Send out your team's game and division write-up in your group chat or Facebook Messenger. Post it on your Totes McGoats or North Buffalo Knights group page for everyone to see. You get the point, help me out, I want to meet and hear from more of you so that I can give proper recognition to everyone. I know what an amazing job I do, but hearing from more of you makes this work better. Alright, now that that's out of the way, let's get to the good stuff!

D1: Sci-Fi Hamster NEIPA Division

Last week's scores:

Sizzurp Slurpees 49 over Clutch Genes 46

Sizzurp Slurpees 42 over Bad Friend Squad 33

Wanderers 56 over Clutch Genes 52

Losing Streak 71 over Just Get Open 18

This week's matchups:

Wanderers (3-2) @ Bad Friend Squad (2-4) +3

The Wanderers don't seem to be the same with the injuries they have suffered and the attendance issues that have plagued them this session. Dri has been a great pickup for the tie dye crew and fits perfectly in their "system." Attendance issues haven't been a problem for Justin and Bad Friend Squad for the first session ever, but their record doesn't show that. They need their studs to start showing up to better their playoff seeding. I don't know if the girls on Bad Friend can keep up with the height and experience of Wanderers. Prediction: Wanderers win 47-35

Clutch Genes (1-4) +4 @ Wanderers (3-2) *Game of the Week #1*

I do remember calling this our #1 game of the week and it definitely lived up to the expectations. Wanderers barely squeaked out a win 56-52 and Clutch Genes is a very dangerous 1-4 team in D1. Karon has Sammy and Ant, two of the fastest players in our top division, to throw to and Sal certainly can't cover them both. The Wanderers will be coming into a double header while Clutch Genes could be watching their first game from the sidelines trying to figure out what Frank's play calls are. Prediction: Clutch Genes win 47-46

Losing Streak (6-0) @ Sizzurp Slurpees (2-3) +18

Alright Slurpees, I see you now, winning both of your games last week and moving up to 3rd place. The last time these teams met, it wasn't close, but Tom and Pat will look to slow down John and Kye on offense. Will Gordon and Jordan be refereeing a game together before or after this one? I heard a lot of people talking about Theo returning to play last week and we hope to see him again. Watch out for Emily on the right sideline, she is usually open. Prediction: Losing Streak wins 64-28

D2: Trail by Wombat Galaxy IPA Division

Last week's scores:

Ball Hawks 52 over Totes McGoats 36

Go Deep 28 over Mavericks 25

Totes McGoats 32 over Just Get Open 8

This week's matchups:

Totes McGoats (3-3) +12 @ Ball Hawks (4-1)

Last week Totes split their double header, getting blown out by Ball Hawks and winning against a QB-less Just Get Open. Marty seems to have found his deep ball again, connecting several times with the Morning Glory division and Totes females on some bombs. Ball Hawks look to stay in first place as Micah continues to play great football, putting up 44 or more points in each of his last 4 games in D2. There isn't a faster girl in D2 than Kira and probably nobody with better hands than Rochelle. Prediction: Ball Hawks win again 40-29

Mavericks (4-2) +4 @ Ball Hawks (4-1) *Game of the Week #2*

The last time these two teams faced off, Ball Hawks came out and scored and scored and scored and scored at will against the suspect Mavericks defense. Will Manny and Kyle be able to stop anything deep this game? Can the Mavericks offense put together a complete game and keep their drops to under 10? I think this has game of the week potential, but Ball Hawks pull away early in the second half as Slisz takes over on both sides of the ball. Prediction: Ball Hawks win 43-34

Just Get Open (0-6) +10 @ Go Deep (3-3)

Let's make one thing clear; Just Get Open should not be winless. Nor are they a D3 team, there is no moving them down, don't even go there. A team with Des, Caitlyn, Quincy and Stoner Dave with Brian Jennings throwing could and has not too long ago, competed in D1 and at the top of D2. So what is going on John? Brian needs to get up on time and be ready to go...and thank you for helping referee last week! Go Deep didn't throw many deep passes in the crazy wind we had last week, but they did beat Mavericks, who blew an 18 point lead and evened their head to head at one game apiece and a +1 point differential. Keep an eye on that heading into the playoffs. Prediction: Go Deep wins 39-30

D3: Pills Mafia Division

Last week's scores:

Buffalo Football Team 20 over Laces Out! 0

Lava Covered Ninjas 38 over Buffalo Football Team 9

The Hulks 29 over Boats & Hoes 25

North Buffalo Blazers 54 over Kitna Kids 35

North Buffalo Blazers 58 over 6th & Schlong 27

This week's matchups:

Lava Covered Ninjas (5-0) @ Laces Out (0-4) +12

Lava is one of the six remaining undefeated teams in the league and they boast a +116 point differential. Marty has weapons all over the field and is always looking to score 8 points on female touchdowns each trip down. Brandon was upset with his QB ranking in the spring and this is a golden opportunity for him to prove that he deserves to be higher than Marty. Now one game is not going to change whoever wrote that rankings opinion, but it would be a good start. This game has so many Game On veterans and friends on and off the field, but I am not picking Laces to win again like I did last week. Prediction: Lava Covered Ninjas heat up the field and burn Laces 44-30

The Hulks (3-2) @ Laces Out (0-4) +7

Rumour has it that Paul of Go Deep was throwing for The Hulks. It clearly worked because they picked up a much needed win last week as their QB carousel continues late in the season. I know that Laces Out has the talent and experience to play in D3 and I hope they can get a win or two this week. Erin and Kay have been great for Laces so far and I know they are happy to have their QB back. Brandon, if you had put the laces in, you would have 3 wins already... Prediction: The Hulks win 32-30

Lava Covered Ninjas (5-0) @ Kitna Kids (2-4) +8

Can a team have three Game On owners playing on the same roster? Isn't this against the rules? Tim, Marty and Tom (in no specific order of best owner, most athletic sexiest calves), have assembled quite the team and would fare just fine in D2 after they win this fall. Kitna Kids have struggled so far and could easily be 4-2, after losing two close games. They could put the division on notice with a win this week against the top seeded Ninjas. Prediction: Kitna Kids ruin the undefeated season and win 47-39

The Hulks (3-2) @ Buffalo Football Team (3-3) EVEN *Game of the Week #3*

The Hulks will be playing their second game of the day, most likely scouring the fields for a QB and females to round out their roster. I also know that Will gives his absolute all every time he steps on the field, playing through injuries and never letting his team down. I still don't know much about the Buffalo Football Team but they are in 4th place at 3-3, beating Laces Out twice and a convincing win over Kitna Kids earlier in the season. Prediction: The Hulks win as QB Dave cancels his plans (he has none) 34-27

6th & Schlong (1-4) +13 @ Boats & Hoes (3-3)

Another team with a double header, as Boats & Hoes take on 6th & Schlong, who look to pick up their 2nd win of the season. There are quite a few players on 6th & Schlong that play on multiple teams and I believe there have been several game conflicts, forcing them to choose which team to play for. I said that to say they really are not a bad team at 1-4 and should have kept their name as 4th & Schlong. If Boats & Hoes are going to win a game this Saturday, it will most likely be in their first of two. Prediction: 6th & Schlong wins 35-31

Boats & Hoes (3-3) +10 @ North Buffalo Blazers (3-0)

All Dominic and the Blazers have done is dominate since moving up to D3. They are averaging nearly 50 PPG and have a +74 point differential. They look like the class of the division with their height, speed and football IQ. Boats & Hoes sit in 3rd place right behind them and have been allowing nearly as many points on defense as they have scored on offense. Josh will get things rolling again and has played this game for a long time. He knows how to spread the ball out and doesn't make many mistakes, he needs to stay confident in this game for his team to have a chance. Prediction: North Buffalo Blazers 46-35

D4: Minkey Boodle Sour Division

Last week's scores:

Goatsack 28 over I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie 24

All Razzle No Dazzle 32 over Still Running 18

All Razzle No Dazzle 27 over Show Me Them TD's 12

North Buffalo Knights 30 over Show Me Them TD's 14

Boozin & Losing 20 ties North Buffalo Knights 20

This week's matchups:

Goatsack (3-2) @ Still Running (0-5) +12

Goatsack is having a good season as they are in a solid 4th place and have a +29 point differential. They should be able to pick up two more wins over the next two weeks as we get closer to playoffs and they try to avoid the top seeds in the first round. Adam can always be counted on to move the chains and the return of PJ helps the defensive side for Goatsack. Unfortunately Al is not going to return this season so players like Dave, Ben and Kyle are going to have to pick up the playmaking and leadership that he brought to the team. Jordan is still running, as he always does, and would love to help lead his team to their first win of the season. Look for Joe on the quick out! Prediction: Goatsack wins 33-14

I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie (1-4) +14 @ North Buffalo Knights (3-1-1)

After getting their first win two weeks ago, I Like Big Punts nearly pulled off the upset against Goatsack last week. Kenny, Greg, Kristian, Jeremey and Jeremey are getting No Soup vibes as they step back on the field together for the first time in years. Mekker and his Knights don't care if the soup is hot or cold or if there are big punts or not, as his play calling on offense usually leads to efficient scoring drives and his players respect and enjoy being out there with him. Prediction: North Buffalo Knights win 36-17

Ampadu's Assets (4-0) @ All Razzle No Dazzle (3-3) +8 *Game of the Week #4*

It seems like a month since we last saw Ampadu's and I am so happy to have them back at the fields this week. I haven't heard from Marco or Sergio yet, but they were probably relaxing in sunny Florida for a few weeks and requested bye weeks for their team. They come back to face a very hot All Razzle No Dazzle team that they have squared off several times before. Dave has his team picking up wins at just the right time and they can challenge for third place in the division if things fall their way this weekend. Prediction: North Buffalo Knights win 35-20

Boozin and Losing (4-0-1) @ Show Me Them TD's (1-4) +14

Darren has his team winning games each week as they continue from their spring success. Can they keep things going and make a deep playoff run again? I certainly think they can. I still wish that he could have convinced Can't Two Hand Touch This to come back this fall, but I will take one team of the Ricchiazzi's over none! Show Me Them TD's have struggled to score this season and I know that Dylan will get things back on track. This is a tough matchup for them to do that, as Boozin and Losing have been scoring at will for two seasons now. My tip to the Show Me defense, put your best male defender on Rochelle. Prediction: Boozin and Losing wins 40-13

D5: Bliss DIPA Golden Keg Division

Last week's scores:

The Gas Gang 27 over Trophy Wives FC 16

All About the U 24 over Your Brother 20

Sugar Daddies 18 over Shattered Dreams 8

Sugar Daddies 26 over Talent Juice 13

Laces In 21 over Talent Juice 15

This week's matchups:

Your Brother (3-1) @ The Gas Gang (3-3) +6

These teams are right next to one another in the standings but Your Brother only has one loss while Gas Gang has three. Farhan has looked good so far for his team and you can tell that the chemistry is there with his pals on the field. They have a tough matchup against Mike and crew as Nick is the player playing in way too low a division for his talent level. Quincy is another that can use his upper division skills to help lead Your Brother to a championship this fall. Prediction: Your Mom, I mean Your Dad, wait, no, Your Brother wins 30-18

Trophy Wives FC (1-4) +12 @ Your Brother (3-1)

Turbo, set, hut! Let's gooooooo Dustin! Keep having fun out there, your team loves the hell out of you and as much as I would love to see you guys win this Saturday, it probably isn't happening. Sarah has been great for Trophy Wives, as she has reliable hands and a great attitude that is contagious. Your Brother will be playing their second game of the day, but boast a large roster, so I don't think endurance will be an issue for them. Prediction: Your Brother wins 40-10

All About the U (4-0) @ Sugar Daddies (5-1) +10 *Game of the Week #5*

This is definitely my D5 Game of the Week! Isaac took the offseason to quietly build a D5 super team as they have a +120 point differential, have the best QB in the division and some serious female talent with Cara, Hope, Lindsay and Yamilex. Sugar Daddies keep winning and Brian is faster than lightning to input those scores onto the website. Tanner has been solid at QB and their defense is fast. Tyler is highly underrated as a receiver and Sugar Daddies have won their past 3 games. Prediction: All About the U wins 45-29

Shattered Dreams (1-4) +7 @ Laces In (3-3)

After a slow start, JJ and Laces In have won 3 of their past 4 games and hold a solid lead over the 6th-8th place teams. Matt looked decent at QB last week and seemed to connect on some deep ball prayers on 6th down. It wasn't pretty, but they picked up the win. Shattered Dreams have lost 3 games by one score and have a tough schedule remaining, but can definitely get back on track. Tony has been playing with Chris for over 5 years now and you can tell that he is a safety net for his QB on many drives. Prediction: Laces In win 23-16

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:

Which D1 QB would you want throwing the must-have, 2 point conversion to win the game and why?

(In alphabetical order);

Frank Laudico, Jordan Lawson, Justin Ginter, Karon Barnes or Matt Gordon

I'll take Frank and who wouldn't? He has won multiple championships, can scramble better than everyone else on this list, doesn't ever show nerves and can pump fake with the best of them.

2-Point Conversion:

My Draft Queens Morning Glory Division predictions;

Crowns & Touchdowns 34 over Tits & Picks 19

Mafia 40 over Little Giants 24

1-Point Conversion:

Did you know that you can view so many different things by logging into your Game On profile? You can see league standings, teams, roster, scores, schedules, etc. They also have tons of other sports, tournaments and events. Check it out at

Thanks for reading and tuning in. I appreciate those of you that have emailed and the awesome feedback I hear at the fields. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them. Email me any time and tell me about your team, I'm looking to give away some prizes this week for those of you that reach out!

See you all Saturday!

"The Manager"

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