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Week 08

Sadly, this is our last regular season week of fall football as we look forward to the playoffs. When the season started, I thought that the Game On! owners were crazy running the league until mid-November. Surely the weather would not cooperate and we would all be freezing and shoveling off the fields, but with a high of nearly 80 degrees and beautiful weather again last week, the owners look like geniuses now!

What a fun season it has been as we look to have another great Saturday together. We have had new teams such as Ball Hawks, North Buffalo Blazers, Buffalo Football Team, All About the U and Sugar Daddies come into their respective divisions and do really well for themselves. Other mainstay teams like Losing Streak (8-0), Lava Covered Ninjas (9-0) and Boozing and Losing (6-0-1) look to finish their seasons among the ranks of undefeated. The Draft Queens Morning Glory Division has been the talk of the town as Mafia, Crowns & Touchdowns, Little Giants and Tits & Picks have been mostly evenly matched and everyone having a great time early in the morning.

Some of the highlights for me have been Clutch Genes moving up to D1, rightfully playing where they belong. The success of Ball Hawks winning games with authority as a brand new team. The fall from grace of Mavericks after a spring championship. The shocking winless season of Just Get Open, returning mostly the same roster. The QB carousel of The Hulks, the fans all want Dave and his pistol formation! That dude with the pink dress on Boozing and Losing...don't ask. Chris McKay's Halloween costume on All Razzle No Dazzle...eerily & creepily dead-on. How fast Brian from Sugar Daddies enters his score on the website after a win.

Remember, you can always email me at I love hearing from our teams, players and captains about some of the games I don't have a chance to catch each week.

Have fun this week and please ensure we respect the referees and other players. Tempers seem to flare and competition heightens as teams position themselves for the playoffs and let's remember the social aspect of our league and the fact that everyone is playing to have fun.

D1: Sci-Fi Hamster NEIPA Division

Last week's scores:

Losing Streak 79 over Clutch Genes 50

Sizzurp Slurpees 52 over Totes McGoats 48

Wanderers 26 over Sizzurp Slurpees 16

Ball Hawks 32 over Bad Friend Squad 31

This week's matchups:

Mavericks (5-3) @ The Wanderers (5-3) *Game of the Week #1* *Crossover Game*

This has to be a Game of the Week as Jordan vs. Frank would always bring in a crowd. The ladies of Mavericks held down the fort last week for their team as their QB was getting wrapped like a mummy and John stepped up to help lead his team to victory. The Wanderers are not scoring at their usual clip, averaging only 37 PPG and allowing 33.6 on defense. Mike has been huge for the Mavericks offense as his length and reach have proven difficult to defend, but he hasn't played against a talent like Sal yet. Prediction: Mavericks don't pull off the upset and Wanderers win 43-35

Clutch Genes (2-5) @ SIzzurp Slurpees (3-5)

Both teams have not had the season they would have hoped for, but with everyone making the playoffs, regular season records won't matter one bit if they play to the semis or finals. Clutch Genes are really missing Courtney and Slurpees seem to have one play across the middle that teams have figured out. Matt is one of my favorite QB's and his accuracy is near the top in the division, but somebody please get his man help on defense! Too often I see Tom looking around after a score blaming the collapse in zone coverage on somebody else. Clutch Genes will look to take advantage of that. Prediction: Clutch Genes wins 47-40

Go Deep (5-3) @ Clutch Genes (2-5) *Crossover Game*

Go Deep has some real talent on their team and I thought they would have fit nicely in D1 even in the spring. This is their chance to prove themselves against a team that they have matched up against before. There are tons of speed from the guys in this game and both QB's, Jay and Karon, love taking chances down the field to Paul and Jason, respectively. Playoff seeding and positioning is important to both teams in this one. Prediction: Go Deep wins 42-40

Bad Friend Squad (2-6) @ Losing Streak (8-0)

These two teams have been squaring off for years as the QB's and their rosters are good friends on and off the field. Bad Friend Squad, usually plagued by attendance issues, has had mostly a full roster each week. So what is the problem? Their offense has been stale and they have allowed the second most PPG in the division. On the other side, Losing Streak's female trio of Anna, Britt and Katie has to be the most lethal in the league as they have managed 57 PPG on offense. Great to see Ralph out there making plays again! Prediction: Losing Streak wins 61-37

D2: Trail by Wombat Galaxy IPA Division

Last week's scores:

Mavericks 32 over Totes McGoats 30

Go Deep 40 over Just Get Open 22

This week's matchups:

Ball Hawks (7-1) @ Just Get Open (0-8)

It seems strange only writing about one game from this division, but with some crossover games being played in D1, this is how things shaped out. Unfortunately for Just Get Open, they run into one of the hottest QB's in Micah as they look to get their first win of the season. I had to do some research, but the last winless team in D2 was No Soup for You! nearly 6 years ago as they went 0-10. Matt has played phenomenal for Ball Hawks all year, hauling in several TD's each week and having his QB find him open along the sidelines often. The chemistry just seems to be a bit off for Just Get Open this season and their defense usually forgets to show up. Prediction: Ball Hawks win 50-30

D3: Pills Mafia Division

Last week's scores:

Lava Covered Ninjas 42 over The Hulks 36

Laces Out 55 over 6th & Schlong 16

Lava Covered Ninjas 36 over Kitna Kids 34

North Buffalo Blazers 42 over Buffalo Football Team 20

This week's matchups:

Laces Out (2-5) @ Kitna Kids (2-6) *Game of the Week #2*

Laces Out have been playing better football the second half of the season and watching Brandon scramble and make insane throws last week was special. He is very tough to catch, watching Frank scramble for all those years playing against him in D1 has paid off. Kitna Kids have the second best offense in the division and are still trying to right the ship on defense. They have lost 3 of their last 4 games by a combined 8 points, so their record could easily be 5-3. Prediction: Kitna Kids win 35-30

Boats & Hoes (5-3) @ Laces Out! (2-5)

Can we talk for a minute about how good of a QB Josh has been? This man plays the position very well as he limits turnovers, calls great plays that involve his females and looks calm and poised with the ball in his hand. At 5-3, he has his team all but locked into the 2 seed heading into playoffs. Laces Out will be playing their second game of the day as they look to finish the season strong. I can tell you right now that Amber WILL be open in the middle of the field, whether the Boats defense wants to cover her is another story, but she will wreck you for 7-12 yards each catch. Prediction: Boats & Hoes win 44-29

North Buffalo Blazers (4-1) @ Lava Covered Ninjas (9-0)

Preposterous! Ridiculous! Unfair! How does Lava Covered Ninjas get a 10th game this season? Much like Laces Out had to do in the spring, the schedule had to accommodate a 9th game for a team moving division during the regular season, so the Ninjas were willing to help out the Blazers. Was that the right move? The Blazers are hungry going into the playoffs and what a statement it would be to knock off the Ninjas' perfect season. Personally, I think it is going to happen. The Ninjas really having nothing to play for other than pride and the one last tune-up game to prepare for their championship run. Dominic and his crew play fast and throw at least one deep ball each drive to their females. Prediction: North Buffalo Blazers win 38-36

Buffalo Football Team (4-4) @ 6th & Schlong (1-6)

Mike was really missing his QB last week as Buffalo Football team feel to the Blazers. Rabbi Cordair and team will look to finish the season with a win against a surprisingly 1-6, 6th & Schlong team that has really struggled on offense. I think Sean and his receivers need to continue their evening throwing sessions during the week to ready themselves for a tough first round matchup with the Ninjas. Prediction: Buffalo Football Team wins 38-20

The Hulks (3-5) @ 6th & Schlong (1-6)

What a roller coaster of a ride it has been for the Hulks as Will and Ashly are begging Dave to come back. I heard they even offered to pay his registration and referee fees for 2023 if he returns for the rest of the season. 6th & Schlong unfortunately didn't take my advice of practicing during the week like they have in the past and they weren't ready for what happens when The Hulk gets green and angry. Prediction: The Hulks win 36-19

D4: Minkey Boodle Sour Division

Last week's scores:

Ampadu's Assets 40 over Show Me Them TD's 12

North Buffalo Knights 42 over Ampadu's Assets 36

All Razzle No Dazzle 20 over Show Me Them TD's 18

Goatsack 47 over I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie 32

Still Running 28 over I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie 27

Boozing and Losing 44 over Still Running 8

This week's matchups:

Ampadu's Assets (6-1) @ Boozing and Losing (6-0-1) *Game of the Week #3*

Sergio has been great for his team as Ampadu's boasts the top offense in the division. He tends to scramble a lot rather than sitting in the pocket and allowing his receivers to get open, but his team is rolling on both sides of the ball. Darren, the QB for Boozing, hopes he has all of his male receivers wearing pink dresses this week. This very well could be a championship preview. Prediction: Boozing and Losing wins 44-38

Ampadu's Assets (6-1) @ North Buffalo Knights (5-1-1)

These teams faced off last week with North Buffalo Knights winning 42-36. QB and EMT extraordinaire, Chris Mekker has his team in great position for a deep playoff run. These teams have faced off many times and it seems like it always comes down the last drive to decide a winner. There are major seeding implications for both teams in this game and the Knights have one of the best defenses in the entire league. Prediction: Ampadu's Assets win 39-32

Boozing and Losing (6-0-1) @ Goatsack (4-3)

Goatsack has a combined 457 years of coed football experience and it has been strange not to see the white folding table with cases of beer on the sidelines. Boozing and Losing doesn't have nearly as much football experience but I know they can keep up with the sidelines games if they wanted. Prediction: Boozing and Losing wins 36-22

North Buffalo Knights (5-1-1) @ Goatsack (4-3)

Both teams will be playing a double header this week and the heat could play a factor on the old bodies of Goatsack. Andy of the Knights has been catching passes and lining up in the I-formation for Chris for nearly 10 years now and is a sure-handed threat in the red zone. Dave has been doing the same thing for Andy and Goatsack will surely have his aviators on in the sun this week. Prediction: North Buffalo Knights win 31-23

I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie (1-7) @ All Razzle No Dazzle (4-4)

I Like Big Punts have really been missing their QB as Greg filled in nicely last week, but came up just short. It has been a tough first season for blue as half the team had to dust off their cleats from the deep, dark corners of their basements. Johnny of All Razzle has been the MVP of the team thus far and truly has an impact on defense. He is a ball hawk that always seems to bait opposing QB's into ill-advised throws. Prediction: All Razzle No Dazzle wins 37-20

Still Running (2-6) @ Show Me Them TD's (1-7)

Rounding out the day for our D4 matchups, both teams are desperate for a win to finish the regular season. Still Running has had a few roster conflicts with players on multiple teams having to decide which of their teams to play for. Show Me Your TD's are looking for that spark on offense that could come this week from Robert or Emilio. Prediction: Show Me Them TD's wins 29-25

D5: Bliss DIPA Golden Keg Division

Last week's scores:

The Gas Gang 39 over Talent Juice! 36

Sugar Daddies 29 over Shattered Dreams 20

Your Brother 40 over Shattered Dreams 14

All About the U 42 over Laces In! 24

All About the U 45 over Trophy Wives FC 16

This week's matchups:

Shattered Dreams (1-7) @ The Gas Gang (5-3)

Chris and crew dropped both games of their double header last week as half of their team showed up with 10 minutes left of their first game. The Gas Gang has discovered Anna, one of the top females in our league that drafted Farhan in the Morning Glory division. They hope to have her wearing red again this week as she brings the knowledge and experience that has helped spark their team to victories. Will somebody please cover Dave Brill on the deep routes, he is literally. Always. Open. Prediction: The Gas Gang wins 30-16

Your Brother (5-2) @ All About the U (7-0) *Game of the Week #4*

At this point there is probably nothing stopping All About the U from going undefeated, except those atrocious jerseys. Your Brother has been playing great football as of late and can always be seen building their chemistry and warming up on the sidelines ahead of their game. A matchup of two of the top QB's in the division and some of the best females, this one has Game of the Week written all over it. Prediction: Sugar Daddies win 31-20

Laces In! (4-4) @ Trophy Wives FC (1-6)

I have to admit that Laces In has had a better season than I expected. JJ did a great job assembling his team and Melissa has been awesome on offense for her team. I am hoping to see Dustin uttering play calls this week, even without his costume, as he looks to pick up another win or two before playoffs Prediction: Laces In wins 27-16

Talent Juice (1-6) @ All About the U (7-0)

In the matchup of boss vs. employee, Tim and Talent Juice take on Isaac and All About the U. Isaac reached out to say that if his teams wins, he is demanding a raise from Tim to continue to work for Game On. Seriously though, both teams have truly had fun this year and as the regular season winds down, this could be a preview of a first round playoff matchup, so Talent Juice could learn a lot from this one on how to beat Isaac's crew. Prediction: All About the U wins 41-15

Trophy Wives FC (1-6) @ Sugar Daddies (6-2)

I wasn't a believer in Sugar Daddies when the season started, but they have impressed throughout. I don't think the clock even expires before Brian is inputting his team's score after a win onto the website. Trophy Wives will be playing their second game of the day and Kelly and Sarah will do everything they can to help Dustin out. They have both proven to be reliable receivers for him with steady hands and Kelly has even been known to throw a pass or two. Prediction: Sugar Daddies win 30-13

Talent Juice (1-6) @ Your Brother (5-2)

Lots of double headers for D5 teams this week as both teams will be playing their second game of the day. Your Brother won the matchup earlier this season 36-22 and has been playing great football lately. Talent Juice looks to right the ship this week as Tim has continued to build the chemistry with new receivers Alex and Kevin. This one might be closer than you think as Talent Juice could upset Your Brother. Prediction: Your Brother wins 34-28

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:

Will the league ever bring back the trophies for the division winners? What about some sort of awards ceremony at the bar sponsor? How about a banquet? Regardless, we appreciate that the league has swag for all of their championship teams!

2-Point Conversion:

My Draft Queens Morning Glory Division predictions;

Crowns & Touchdowns 43 over Tits & Picks 29

Mafia 36 over Little Giants 17

1-Point Conversion:

Do you miss the podcast? Is there anyone willing to step up and help out? You can reach out to me at if you are or talk to Brandon, Marty, Tim or Tom.

Have fun this week and I am sure I will notice you!

"The Manager"

**Please note that this write up is for entertainment purposes.

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