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Playoff Preview

Welcome to the playoffs! Another great season of Game On! football is nearly in the books and we have 34 teams across 5 divisions playing for the ultimate glory in winning a social, coed football championship! What a great season it has been and thank you to our returning teams for continuing to help make our league a wonderful place to play and hang out. Thank you to our new teams, captains and players for venturing out on Saturdays and bringing your skills and new friends and faces to the fields each week.

I appreciate the efforts that Brandon Siclari, Marty Finucane, Tim Sugrue, and Tom Earley put into this league. For each of them, this is a business venture, yes, but it is also an "out" to all the stressors of life and they work extremely hard to provide a fun and safe environment for all of us to gather each week. Thank you also to our wonderful Game On! staff for all of your hard work and dedication to not only our Saturday football league, but also the countless other sports, events and tournaments that you assist with. Amber Williams, Anna Lawson, Dave Brill, Isaac Williams and Keiona Pilhorn have truly done a great job representing our league, their respective teams and the mission of Game On!

Lastly, thank you to all of our referees that come out and help with their services each week. There are too many to name, but mainstays like Kevin Fetzer, Chris McKay, Jordan Lawson and Darryl Patterson have all committed large amounts of time on their Saturdays off from their regular jobs to help out at the fields. There are even several of you reading right now that may have helped with a game or two and it goes without saying that it is truly appreciated.

When Joe and Sue Goungo decided to step down as owners of Game On last year, they knew the league would be in great hands and it was such a seamless transition to most everyone playing in the various sports. Our owners do such a great job organizing, planning and dedicated their efforts and never once have they asked for credit for all that they do. I know that the Goungos are proud of what the league has accomplished in a short period of time and they are confident in the future of Game On! in the hands of Brandon, Marty, Tim and Tom.

Thank you to my readers for tuning in each week to hear what I have to say. I wish that I had heard from more of you, but I hear so many good things at the fields each week, it seems that most of our players are reading the "Extra Points" article each week and enjoy what I have to say. Remember, you can always email me at I love hearing from our teams, players and captains about some of the games I don't have a chance to catch each week.

I want to take some time this week to break down each division's standings, statistics and provide a little more insight into what playoffs potentially have in store for everyone. Each division will feature the records, points scored and points against for each team and their respective ranking within the division. ALL teams make playoffs this session with the top teams in each division earning a bye to the quarter or semi-finals. Also included this week is our "Top 10 QB Ranking" from a different writer than myself. We thought it would be fun to include this based on results from an entire season's worth of play rather than in the middle of the season as previously promised. I hope that you all enjoy reading and I will be back one final time next week with the "Championship Preview" article to finish off our fall season!

D1: Sci-Fi Hamster NEIPA Division

Last week's scores:

Wanderers 43 over Mavericks 27

Clutch Genes 54 over Sizzurp Slurpees 26

Go Dep 49 over Clutch Genes 32

Losing Streak 62 over Bad Friend Squad 28


1st) Losing Streak 9-0 / 57.7 PF (1) / 26.6 PA (1)

2nd) Wanderers 6-3 / 37.6 PF (3) / 32.8 PA (2)

3rd) Clutch Genes 3-6 / 48.0 PF (2) / 50.1 PA (5)

4th) Sizzurp Slurpees 3-6 / 32.4 PF (5) / 46.1 PA (3)

5th) Bad Friend Squad 2-7 / 33.1 PF (4) / 47.1 PA (4)

This week's matchups:

Bye (1) Losing Streak, (2) Wanderers, (3) Clutch Genes

Teams have earned a bye this week and will advance to the semifinals. Insight and analysis will be provided for both teams next week.

(4) Sizzurp Slurpees (3-6) @ (5) Bad Friend Squad (2-7)

These teams split the season a game apiece and lost badly to the top two teams in the division several times. When Matt and Justin's rosters show up, they are fun to watch, when they are hurting for players, it shows. Matt is a great QB that loves to find his male receivers across the middle of the field and his ladies along the sidelines. Justin rarely hesitates to throw the ball downfield and has an ultimate safety blanket throw to Jeff anywhere on the field. Both teams are similar in record as well as point differential with Slurpees having a slight edge at -123 compared to Bad Friend's -126. Not the best of a first round matchup, but somebody has to win, right? Prediction: Bad Friend Squad wins 40-36

D2: Trail by Wombat Galaxy IPA Division

Last week's scores:

Ball Hawks 54 over Just Get Open 26


1st) Ball Hawks 8-1 / 46.3 PF (1) / 38.3 PA (T3)

2nd) Go Deep 6-3 / 40.8 PF (2) / 33.7 PA (1)

3rd) Mavericks 5-4 / 38.0 PF (3) / 35.2 PA (2)

4th) Totes McGoats 3-6 / 37.8 PF (4) / 38.3 PA (T3)

5th) Just Get Open 0-9 / 28.3 PF (5) / 51.8 PA (5)

This week's matchups:

Bye (1) Ball Hawks, (2) Go Deep, (3) Mavericks

Teams have earned a bye this week and will advance to the semifinals. Insight and analysis will be provided for both teams next week.

(4) Totes McGoats (3-6) @ (5) Just Get Open (0-9)

What an up and down season it has been for Totes as they finish with another losing record. Their defense wasn't horrible, but they did allow more points against than they scored, which usually results in more losses than wins. I really wanted to believe that Just Get Open had a rough start to the season and would go on a roll in the second half, but that never materialized. They finished with a -212 point differential and Totes won both matchups this season 70-26 and 32-8 and would love a third to advance to the semis. Just Get Open has one of the most talented rosters across our top 3 divisions, but things have not clicked as they usually have for them. Listen for some extra loud "LFG's" from the Totes sidelines this week as they win. Prediction: Totes McGoats wins 44-30

D3: Pills Mafia Division

Last week's scores:

Laces Out 32 over Kitna Kids 29

Boats & Hoes 34 ties Laces Out 34

North Buffalo Blazers 56 over Lava Covered Ninjas 35

Buffalo Football Team 29 over 6th & Schlong 28

The Hulks 40 over 6th & Schlong 39


1st) Lava Covered Ninjas 9-0 / 39.8 PF (2) / 24.1 PA (1)

2nd) North Buffalo Blazers* 5-1 / 46.3 PF (1) / 28.3 PA (3)

3rd) Boats & Hoes 5-3-1 / 36.5 PF (4) / 31.4 PA (4)

4th) Buffalo Football Team 5-4 / 31.6 PF (6) / 28.3 PA (2)

5th) The Hulks 4-5 / 34.0 PF (5) / 42.2 PA (8)

6th) Laces Out! 3-5-1 / 29.8 PF (7) / 35.1 PA (5)

7th) Kitna Kids 2-7 / 37.5 PF (3) / 40.2 PA (6)

8th) 6th & Schlong 1-8 / 24.8 PF (8) / 42.0 PA (7)

This week's matchups:

Bye (1) Lava Covered Ninjas, (2) North Buffalo Blazers

Both teams have earned a bye this week and will advance to the semifinals. Insight and analysis will be provided for both teams next week.

(6) Laces Out! (3-5-1) @ (7) Kitna Kids (2-7) *Game of the Week #1*

This should be a great game to kick off the D3 playoffs. What will Laces Out do without the ability to use the guest pass though? Do they have enough fire power to compete with Kitna Kids' 3rd-ranked offense? Winners of 3 of their last 4 games, Laces Out lost week 1 to Kitna Kids 48-42 and got revenge last week with a 32-29 victory. Brandon has been playing great at QB and will be coming out confident but humble that his teams have consistently struggled in playoff games. Joe and Kitna Kids have lost so many close games this season that the championship hangover from spring is real, but they could easily be 7-2 with a few tweaks in late game situations. Prediction: Laces Out wins 36-35 in OT!

(5) The Hulks (4-5) @ (8) 6th & Schlong (1-8)

Unfortunately, both teams have been scored on at will this season, but The Hulks have been able to put up nearly 10 PPG more than 6th & Schlong. The Hulks won a thriller of a game last week against 6th & Schlong, ending their season a negative as much of the fall has gone for them. It's anyone's guess who will be throwing for The Hulks as neither Dave nor Paul are actually on the roster. 6th & Schlong has more speed and a slight edge in females and an actual QB on the roster. They won't have to score much against a banged up Hulks secondary, so if 6th & Schlong can play as a team and not blame everything else on their faults, they should win and advance. Prediction: 6th & Schlong wins 27-20

(3) Boats & Hoes (5-3-1) vs. winner of (6) vs. (7)

Boats & Hoes finishes in 3rd as North Buffalo Blazers edged them out in win percentage for their division after being bumped up from D5 earlier this season. They sit right in the middle of the pack for points scored and allowed and have a +46 differential. If they do play Laces Out, as I expect they will, Boats & Hoes tied them last week so it's anyone's guess what will happen this week. The ladies of Boats have been great this season as Laura and Mai have so many years of experience under their belt and have been catching passes from Josh for years. Prediction: Boats & Hoes beats Laces Out 44-32

(4) Buffalo Football Team (5-4) vs. winner of (5) vs. (8)

It wasn't flashy or sexy and didn't get tons of attention, but Buffalo Football Teams' season was a success. They had the 2nd-ranked defense in the division and finished with a winning record in a highly competitive division. Seth looks more than comfortable behind center and is eating up the slow 5-one-thousand count as rushers often look silly trying to chase him around. Assuming they play 6th & Schlong, Buffalo Football Team lost week 1 38-30 and barley won last week 29-28. The two teams are very evenly matched roster-wise, but on paper, Seth's squad has the better offense and defense. Prediction: Buffalo Football Team wins 35-29

D4: Minkey Boodle Sour Division

Last week's scores:

Ampadu's Assets 50 over Boozin and Losing 44

Ampadu's Assets 47 over North Buffalo Knights 34

Boozin and Losing 38 over Goatsack 21

Goatsack 35 over North Buffalo Knights 34

I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie 22 over All Razzle No Dazzle 20

Show me them TD's 26 over Still Running 12


1st) Ampadu's Assets 8-1 / 43.8 PF (1) / 30.7 PA (5)

2nd) Boozin and Losing 7-1-1 / 38.0 PF (2) / 26.6 PA (T2)

3rd) North Buffalo Knights 5-3-1 / 30.1 PF (4) / 23.7 PA (1)

4th) Goatsack! 5-4 / 33.3 PF (3) / 31.3 PA (7)

5th) All Razzle No Dazzle 4-5 / 25.6 PF (5) / 26.6 PA (T2)

6th) Show Me Them TD's 2-7 / 19.4 PF (8) / 30.3 PA (4)

7th) Still Running 2-7 / 21.0 PF (T6) / 32.0 PA (8)

8th) I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie 2-7 / 21.0 PF (T6) / 30.8 PA (6)

This week's matchups:

Bye (1) Ampadu's Assets, (2) Boozin and Losing

Both teams have earned a bye this week and will advance to the semifinals. Insight and analysis will be provided for both teams next week.

(6) Show me them TD's (2-7) @ (7) Still Running (2-7)

Almost identical stats, these two teams will be playing for a date with North Buffalo Knights and their stingy defense. Show Me's defense was a tad better than Still Running, who have still had a fun season, even without Alan. Still Running finished the season stronger than they started, winning 2 of their last 4 games and building some momentum for playoffs. They also lost to Show Me Them TD's last week 26-12. Dylan will need to get his team playing together this week as they face off against so many vets and will have Kevin the giant in your face rushing at the line. Prediction: Still Running wins 25-20

(5) All Razzle No Dazzle (4-5) @ (8) I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie (2-7) *Game of the Week #2*

What a great game last week between these two teams as we have yet another first round matchup of teams that have recently squared off against one another. Clay and Chris played really well at QB for their teams last week and were able to move the ball downfield against strong defenses. Dave had a few nice sideline catches for some big yardage and Taylor continues to be a red zone threat for All Razzle No Dazzle. Kenny proved to be a great asset on offense for I Like Big Punts with some quick throws and turned into a YAC monster. There are some great matchups if the teams decide to play man defense again. Dave McKay has as many years' experience in coed football as the entire I Like Big Punts roster collectively. Prediction: I Like Big Punts wins if their QB shows up 30-29, All Razzle No Dazzle wins 45-16 if he doesn't

(3) North Buffalo Knights (5-3-1) vs. winner of (6) vs. (7)

North Buffalo Knights continue to boast one of the best defenses in the league, regardless of their roster, circumstances or division. Only allowing 23.7 points per game, Chris has his team in a comfortable 3rd place and somewhat of an easy first round matchup against the winner of Show Me Them TD's and Still Running. I believe that North Buffalo can beat either of those teams as they look to win another championship and add to their legacy as one of the best social sports teams in WNY. Prediction: North Buffalo Knights beat Still Running 38-19

(4) Goatsack (5-4) vs. winner of (5) vs. (8)

Goatsack finished the season in 4th place and with a winning record. They have the 3rd highest offense but are missing a few pieces on defense as they allowed 31.3 PPG. They beat I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie twice during the regular season as well as putting up 49 points on All Razzle No Dazzle. Their season has literally been win one week, lose the next, win the next, lose the next, etc. If that holds true, this is their week to lose. Prediction: All Razzle No Dazzle or I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie win (fill in the blank) to 30

D5: Bliss DIPA Golden Keg Division

Last week's scores:

The Gas Gang 20 over Shattered Dreams 18

Your Brother 25 over All About the U 12

Laces In! 42 over Trophy Wives FC 14

Talent Juice 45 over All About the U 30

Sugar Daddies 54 over Trophy Wives FC 14

Your Brother 28 over Talent Juice 8


1st) All About the U 7-2 / 39.4 PF (1) / 21.7 PA (2)

2nd) Your Brother 7-2 / 33.0 PF (2) / 17.3 PA (1)

3rd) Sugar Daddies 7-2 / 31.1 PF (4) / 23.4 PA (3)

4th) The Gas Gang 6-3 / 31.5 PF (3) / 29.4 PA (6)

5th) Laces In! 5-4 / 26.0 PF (5) / 27.0 PA (4)

6th) Talent Juice! 2-7 / 23.4 PF (6) / 30.0 PA (7)

7th) Shattered Dreams 1-8 / 22.8 PF (7) / 27.5 PA (5)

8th) Trophy Wives FC 1-8 / 9.7 PF (8) / 40.6 PA (8)

This week's matchups:

Bye (1) All About the U, (2) Your Brother

Both teams have earned a bye this week and will advance to the semifinals. Insight and analysis will be provided for both teams next week.

(6) Talent Juice! (2-7) @ (7) Shattered Dreams (1-8)

Did you see that no-look touchdown pass last week from Tim of Talent Juice? Don't forget that this guy has won a D1 championship under center and still has IT! Matt has been a savior on offense for Tim and knows how to take the top off the opposing defense as he has proven to be a reliable receiver with steady hands. Eugene played great last week making several big time plays on defense. Shattered Dreams have a solid defense, but are running into Talent Juice as they have increased their scoring as they have continued to build their chemistry late in the season. Chris has been throwing for so many years and he stays positive for his teammates and sets the example for others. Talent Juice won in the regular season 38-36. Prediction: Talent Juice no-looks their way into the second round and win 33-22

(5) Laces In! (5-4) @ (8) Trophy Wives FC (1-8)

I am happy, yet surprised that Laces In finished with a winning record as they lost their first 3 games. JJ picked his team up and used his years of football knowledge and playing in upper divisions to win 5 of their last 7 games and boast a solid defense and 5th overall in the standings in D5. It has been a QB-by-committee approach most weeks, but they are in a great spot to advance to the next round. There isn't a more positive and likeable guy in the league than Dustin of Trophy Wives as he is seen hanging around the fields all day with a smile on his face. He makes it a point to meet new people and talk to others and is happy with how his team progressed towards the end of the season. Laces won both meetings in the regular season 34-6 and 42-14. Prediction: Trophy Wives pull of the upset.....just kidding....Laces In wins 35-16

(3) Sugar Daddies (7-2) vs. winner of (6) vs. (7)

Sugar Daddies will be looking to enter their score faster than Marty can blame a referee for his 3rd overthrown interception of the day. (Marty isn't even on this team, but you get the analogy if you know him.) At 7-2 and in 3rd place overall, Brian has his team with a +69 point differential and playing confident football with Tanner behind center. They beat Talent Juice 32-19 and 26-13 during the regular season and should be able to again. Prediction: Sugar Daddies win 31-29

(4) The Gas Gang (6-3) vs. winner of (5) vs. (8)

The Gas Gang had a great season, locking up the 4 seed and having the 3rd best offense in the division. Farhan benefitted from playing in the Draft Queens morning division, throwing against some upper division players and gaining that experience and competition. They won their last 4 games to finish the season and split the season head-to-head with Laces In winning 42-12 and losing 31-28. I think that The Gas Gang can spell upset for some of the top teams in the division if they continue to play the way they have the past few weeks. Prediction: The Gas Gang wins 38-24

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:

Will the weather be a factor this week at the fields? With a high in the 40's, it seems like fall is here to stay and this will be a huge change from the 70 and 80-degree weather we have enjoyed most all of the season. With rain and wind in the forecast, Saturday will test who the real QB's are as well.

2-Point Conversion:

My Draft Queens Morning Glory Division predictions;

(4) Tits & Picks (2-5) @ (1) Mafia (4-3)

Mafia 40 over Tits & Picks 24

(3) Little Giants (4-3) @ (2) Crowns & Touchdowns (4-3)

Little Giants 35 over Crowns & Touchdowns 30

1-Point Conversion:

Thank you for those that reached out last week regarding the podcast. There is talk of bringing it back and for our wonderful Game On staff ladies to help organize things. I know we have a list of players that would love to share their team's seasons and playoff outlook if we can get things going before championship week! If anyone else is interested, please reach out to me at

Do great things this week, be nice to one another and thank a referee for coming out to help with games! Thanks for tuning in and can't wait to see everyone on Saturday!

"The Manager"

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