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Playoff Preview

The playoffs are already here and after this Saturday we will have a better idea of who the contenders and pretenders are in each division. For this week's article, I will be breaking down each team including their Win/Loss Record; Points Scored; Points Against; and their respective rankings within their division for each.

The complete list of rankings including Total Points Scored, Points Scored Against and Point Differential can be found by logging into your individual Game On! account and clicking on Standings. A lot of time and effort went into this week's preview, so I hope that you enjoy, share with your teammates and have fun this Saturday!

As always, if you have any insight into your team that you would like to share, give a shout out to an individual player, team, ref, etc., you can reach out to me at

I appreciate that you have all enjoyed the weekly "Extra Points" articles, as countless of you have reached out to me through email while I have heard many others talking at the fields about how insightful and fun it has been reading these each week. For those of you that possibly won't be playing next week, I hope that you have a great time this Saturday and come back in the fall. For those that advance to the quarters, semis or championship next week, congratulations and I can't wait to write about your next matchup. For all of you, I hope to see you in our summer Friday night or Saturday fall leagues and that you stay tuned for more analysis from "The Manager"??

This week we also have a special guest writer who will be doing a Top 10 Quarterback Ranking. I will keep it a secret who that person(s) is, as I hope you enjoy the analysis and shout outs to our top signal callers during the regular season! This is NOT my ranking, my writing etc. so have fun and I hope that our QB's see their name on the list. They will ALSO be providing the "Extra Points" wrap-up towards the end of this article. Let the debate begin!

Top 10 QB Ranking:

1. Frank Laudico (Wanderers - D1) There's little doubt that Frank is the top dog of Game On! Football. The signal caller for the winningest franchise in the history of the league operates the most efficient, and one of the highest scoring offenses and has been doing it for over a decade! Despite everyone knowing their plays and hand gestures at the line, he is still able to bewilder his opponents with pinpoint passing, deception, and elusiveness that is second to none.

2. Jordan Lawson (Losing Streak - D1/Mavericks - D2) Only thing keeping Jordan out of the #1 spot is his inability to beat Frank on the field and his random disappearing acts in the playoffs. We won't hold his 2-season hiatus from Game On! against him in these rankings. Jordan has grown from D3 also-ran as QB of No Soup for You to one of the top D1 QB's in the league! Consistently the highest scoring team in the league, they only have one thing to do for him to take over the top spot. Beat the Wanderers. Haters will say that he's only good because he surrounds himself with the best talent. But he'll be quick to remind you that the best talent chooses to play with him for a reason!

3. John Plunkett (Can't Two Hand Touch This - D1) Nicknamed "Golden Arm" by D1 Champion Tim Sugrue, Plunkett has the best pure arm talent in the league. He has that rare combination of size, arm strength, accuracy, and mobility, and good looks that remind me of another strong armed QB in the area that plays on Sundays. His throws are effortless and he can stick it in tight windows anywhere on the field. I can see him creeping into the top 2 entering the fall with a good playoff run in his first season in D1 after toying with defenses in D3 and D2 for too long.

4. Karon Barnes (Clutch Genes - D2) - A relative newcomer to the league, Karon and his team have taken D2 by storm posting a 9-0 record and scoring a whopping 60PPG while doing so. Great play-caller, strong arm, ability to go through his reads and make quick decisions are among his strengths. In my humble opinion, has the prettiest deep ball in the league. We hope to see this translate into D1 in the fall should Clutch Genes finish the job in D2.

5. Joe Slisz (Our QB is Better Than Allen - D1) - His brother Bobby will claim that he's better than Josh Allen but we all know that isn't true. Still, Joe has steadily climbed the QB ranks over the years and has rounded himself into one of the better D1 QBs in the league. What he lacks in pure arm strength, he makes up in play-calling, accuracy, and ability to extend plays. Despite his brother yelling at him to throw him the ball every play, Joe has maintained a cool head and is thriving because of it. He would have been a top 10 QB regardless, but winning a D1 title in their first try vaults him into the top 5.

6. Marty Finucane (Goungo Fever - D1/Totes McGoats - D2/Lava Covered Ninjas - D3) - The Wily Veteran. This is more of a legacy pick here. Marty has been slinging the rock for multiple teams for the last 12 years! The fact that his arm hasn't fallen off by now is a miracle in itself. He is a shell of his former self as far as arm strength is concerned, but still is an elite play-caller, accurate thrower, and is sneaky athletic. We could put him lower based on arm talent alone, but felt that his overall body of work deserved a higher mark.

7. Brandon Siclari (Laces Out! - D3) - He's basically a poor-man's Frank Laudico without the post-season success. Brandon has his Lace's team firing on all cylinders for what seems like the 18th year in a row, but for some reason when the playoffs come, he turns into a pumpkin. His athleticism and knowledge of the game are what put him in the top 10. He honed his elusiveness and play-extending abilities from his early days as a WR and his passing has steadily improved each season. You may ask yourself, what is a top 10 QB doing toiling around in D3 for all these years? We ask ourselves the same thing. I don't think he'll be down in D3 for much longer!

8. Matt Gordon (Sizzurp Slurpees - D1) - Everyone knows about the "Tom Earley Play" but what you might not know is that it's actually the "Matt Gordon Play". That's right - that unstoppable route combination that was named after the guy who benefitted from such an elite play design was actually the QB's idea. Unfortunately for Matt and his team this session, he suffered an injury to his throwing hand and was unable to play much. His presence is sorely missed and is evidenced by Slurpees 2-7 record. Possessing one of the better deep balls in the league as well as elite play-design mind are enough to keep him in the top 10. When healthy, we can see him challenging for a top 5 spot.

9. Kelly Kane (Gucci - D2) - It's nice to see that patented Ryan Kane triple pump fake that we all know and love be re-incarnated with his sister Kelly. All jokes aside, Kelly is one of the smartest QBs in the league. Consistently drawing up plays that beat zone coverage, man coverage, whatever coverage. She always puts the ball in the right spot and is always on time. What makes it more impressive is that she does it against defenses that tend to play tight to the line because they don't think she can beat them deep. She can. She can beat them short too. Or over the middle. Or down the sideline. And is especially deadly in the red zone.

10. Jay Bergmann (Go Deep - D2) - Jay rounds out our top 10, just edging out a 4 very good QBs. He has an above average arm and good accuracy, especially downfield. He burst onto the scene in D2 this season and has put everyone on notice that there is a new young gun in town posting a 6-3 record and averaging over 40pts per game. Jay does a good job of spreading the ball around and avoiding major mistakes, which is why he was voted into the top 10.

Honorable Mentions: Justin Ginter, Brian Jennings, Sean Haas, Chris Mekker


1st) Wanderers 9-0 / 53.0 PF (2) / 35.4 PA (2)

2nd) Losing Streak 8-1 / 67.4 PF (1) / 31.6 PA (1)

3rd) Can't Two Hand Touch This 5-4 / 52.1 PF (3) / 42.3 (4)

4th) Our QB is Better Than Allen 4-5 / 48.8 PF (4) / 44.7 PA (5)

5th) Tap Dat Pass 4-5 / 30.1 PF (7) / 39.7 PA (3)

6th) Get Open & Catch the Ball 3-6 33.0 PF (5) / 54.1 PA (8)

7th) Sizzurp Slurpees 2-7 / 31.4 PF (6) / 45.1 PA (6)

8th) Goungo Fever 1-8 / 29.4 PF (8) / 52.2 PA (7)

This Week's Matchups:

Bye (1) Wanderers, (2) Losing Streak

Both teams have earned a bye this week and will advance to the semifinals. Insight and analysis will be provided for both teams next week.

(6) Get Open & Catch the Ball vs. (7) Sizzurp Slurpees

These two teams probably didn't think that they would be finishing the season towards the bottom of the division, but both made the playoffs and will be fighting to advance to the second round. Justin's crew finished the season stronger than they started and has some momentum going into the postseason. Matt is still having attendance issues and has struggled to find the end zone on a regular basis. Get Open & Catch the Ball has the better offense, not by much, but also allows nearly 10 points more per game on defense. Tough game to predict here and I don't see either getting past Can't Two Hand Touch This in the next round. Prediction: Get Open & Catch the Ball wins 44-32

(3) Can't Two Hand Touch This vs. winner of (6) vs. (7)

The team in purple had a tough time catching passes last week as they finished their first session in D1 in 3rd place, thanks to some other unfortunate events. It is great seeing this team in our top division as Vinny, Darrik and Sean have proven to be studs. They should get back on track this week after letting the game against Losing Streak get away from them. Prediction: Can't Two Hand Touch This beats Get Open & Catch the Ball 60-54

(5) Tap Dat Pass vs. (8) Goungo Fever

I think there is an outside chance for Goungo Fever to upset Tap Dat Pass. Tony's team has had an up and down roller coaster of a ride in their first session in our top division. They have not been able to score with the best teams in the division, as their offense ranks 7th, but their defense has been better than average allowing only 39.7 points against. Goungo Fever ranks last in defense and 2nd last in offense and has managed to put out a different crew of players each week now it seems. If Tap Dat Pass can stay focused, play their game and utilize their females, the outside chance of an upset is squished. Prediction: Tap Dat Pass wins 40-29

(4) Our QB is Better than Allen vs. winner of (5) vs. (8)

The rumors were true, Our QB managed to throw the last 3 games of the season to avoid a certain seed to avoid playing a certain team. Ask them, they will tell you. They got their wish and should have an easy time with either team coming out of the game before them. Prediction: Our QB is Better than Allen beats Tap Dat Pass 53-36


1st) Clutch Genes 9-0 / 60.1 PF (1) / 34.0 PA (3)

2nd) Mavericks 6-3 / 45.7 PF (2) / 34.4 PA (4)

3rd) Go Deep 6-3 / 41.8 PF (3) / 33.4 PA (2)

4th) Totes McGoats 5-4 / 31.8 PF (7) / 37.5 (5)

5th) GUCCI 4-5 / 37.3 PF (4) / 32.0 PA (1)

6th) Just Get Open 4-5 / 37.2 PF (5) / 46.7 PA (6)

7th) Touch Football Mafia 2-7 / 28.3 PF (8) / 51.7 PA (7)

8th) Touchdown There 0-9 / 34.0 PF (6) / 52.5 PA (8)

This Week's Matchups:

Bye (1) Clutch Genes, (2) Mavericks

Both teams have earned a bye this week and will advance to the semifinals. Insight and analysis will be provided for both teams next week.

(6) Just Get Open vs. (7) Touch Football Mafia

Just Get Open had a disappointing end to the season and Touch Football Mafia didn't have the season they expected in D2. John has his team scoring over 37 PPG but they are allowing nearly 47, which is why they finished with a losing record. Steve and family are scoring just over 28 PPG and allowing a 2nd worst 51.7 points in the division. There truly isn't a player on Touch Football Mafia that can keep up with Stoner Dave and that will be the difference in this one. Prediction: Just Get Open wins 41-25

(3) Go Deep vs. winner of (6) vs. (7)

Go Deep had a remarkable season as a new team, especially in D2. I would love to see these guys move up in the fall regardless of the outcome of spring playoffs. Paul got his team back on track last week after a close loss to the Mavericks and finished with the 3rd best offense and 2nd best defense. Their defense is something to be reckoned with and they should be able to take care of things in the 2nd round. Prediction: Go Deep beats Just Get Open 46-39

(5) GUCCI vs. (8) Touchdown There

GUCCI played most of their games within the first few weeks of the season and could be well rested for the playoffs or they could be shaking off the rust of not having much game action the past month. Touchdown There was truly the surprise of the league, not winning a single game and barley managing to put together a roster last week. Tony and Zach remain studs, but they can't seem to get consistency with their other players. Kelly has her team in a great spot; underdogs in a stacked division in which they have won in the past. Prediction: GUCCI wins 41-30

(4) Totes McGoats vs. winner of (5) vs. (8)

Totes really only got to play 7 games, as two of their wins came by forfeit. This could be a hindrance for playoffs as they have a new roster, as usual and they will be trying to figure out how to keep up with GUCCI's 8-point scores. GUCCI beat Totes twice in the regular season 44-12 and 32-16. Why would playoffs be any different? This is the first game I am predicting a lower seed to upset the higher seed and I couldn't be more confident. Prediction: GUCCI wins 39-34


1st) Laces Out! 9-0 / 44.7 PF (1) / 25.7 PA (1)

2nd) North Buffalo Knights 6-3 / 26.7 PF (7) / 26.4 PA (2)

3rd) It's For Fun 6-3 / 34.1 PF (4) / 27.7 PA (3)

4th) 4th & Schlong 5-4 / 32.1 PF (6) / 30.6 PA (4)

5th) Still Running 5-4 / 33.0 PF (5) / 36.6 PA (T7)

6th) Lava Covered Ninjas 4-5 / 35.3 PF (2) / 37.5 PA (9)

7th) The Hulks 3-6 / 35.2 PF (3) / 36.6 PA (T7)

8th) Goatsack! 2-7 / 26.0 PF (8) / 32.3 PA (6)

9th) Suite D 1-8 / 18.7 PF (9) / 31.7 PA (5)

This Week's Matchups:

(8) Goatsack! vs. (9) Suite D

I have heard from Clay and Andy from both teams that the season didn't go exactly how they had planned. After so many years in D4, Goatsack courageously moved up to D3 and should have been able to win a few more games, but injuries and possibly bad officiating led to a 2-7 record. Clay and Suite D didn't play horrible D as they ranked 5th overall, but had the bottom offense in the division. With only 3 wins between the two teams, a 4th is sure to come this week and I think that the veterans in white will go on to play Laces Out. Prediction: Goatsack wins 38-19

(1) Laces Out! vs. winner of (8) vs. (9)

Brandon managed to get an extra practice game last week, which they lost, but it got erased from the standings quicker than Laces Out will run from D2 in the fall. All kidding aside, Laces Out has looked great this year, completing a perfect season and boasting the top offense and defense in the division. Will that success translate in a higher division? Let's see how the playoffs turn out first. Prediction: Laces Out beats Goatsack 43-21

(2) North Buffalo Knights vs. (7) The Hulks

North Buffalo Knights scored 26.7 PPG and allowed 26.4 on defense, but still finished in 2nd place at 6-3. They won close games and didn't blow out their opponents, but a win is a win. I am a little worried for Mekker and the Knights as there are 6 teams in D3 that score more than them, but only 1 that is better defensively. The Hulks came on late in the season and reminded everyone that they are not too far removed from D2 and how well they can score. The Knights beat The Hulks 39-26 in the regular season. Prediction: The Hulks win 34-29

(3) It's For Fun vs. (6) Lava Covered Ninjas

What a nice surprise It's For Fun was this season as they finished in 3rd place and their girls are truly the stars of this team. Lava Covered Ninjas have clearly been falling into volcanoes as they struggle to find 6 players each week, forcing their elderly QB to play both sides of the ball. It's For Fun should have a full roster and Lava Covered Ninjas borrows players from at least 42 other teams in the league, which could pose problems this week again. Prediction: It's For Fun wins 32-28

(4) 4'th & Schlong vs. (5) Still Running

The praise for Sean Haas of 4th & Schlong as a top QB in the division as well as league was apparent these past two weeks as I received comments and emails galore. He has been accurate, poised and confident under center and he has his team in a great spot for playoffs. Al of Still Running is humble and although he appreciates praise, he never seeks it out and is the first player to compliment somebody else. Not much separates these teams on offense or defense and they finished with the same record, but 4th & Schlong holds the tiebreak. Prediction: 4th & Schlong wins 35-32

Golden Keg Division - East:

1st) Boozin and Losing 7-1-1 / 37.2 PF (1) / 20.6 PA (T1)

2nd) Your Mom 6-2-1 / 21.2 PF (5) / 20.6 PA (T1)

3rd) Ghosts of Meridian 5-4 / 32.1 PF (3) / 31.7 PA (5)

4th) Balls Deep 4-5 / 32.2 PF (2) / 26.7 PA (4)

5th) All Razzle No Dazzle 4-5 / 31.1 PF (4) / 23.3 PA (3)

6th) Trophy Wives 0-9 / 6.6 PF (6) / 37.3 PA (6)

This Week's Matchups:

(4) Balls Deep vs. (5) All Razzle No Dazzle

On paper, Balls Deep are the better team as they have a higher scoring offense and beat All Razzle No Dazzle, but only by 1 point in the regular season. Tyler gets my vote for player too good for their division and All Razzle has another safety that can absolutely fly, but I don't know his name. Balls Deep rolls out their usual roster with Mike at QB, solid females, and several D1 players who really just want to get in a good workout on a Saturday. Prediction: All Razzle No Dazzle wins 30-27

(1) Boozin and Losing vs. winner of (4) vs. (5)

Boozin and Losing benefits from having the Ricchiazzi siblings and the experience of several players playing in D1. Darren and Rochelle have been great and have helped lead their team to 1st place in the division as well as the top offense and defense. I don't think they will have much of a problem with either team coming out of the first game. Prediction: Boozin and Losing beats All Razzle No Dazzle 40-26

(3) Ghosts of Meridian vs. (6) Trophy Wives

The Ghosts of Meridian had a nice season overall and got things rolling at times. I think they would tell you they are happy sitting in 3rd as they can avoid Boozin and Losing until the championship. Trophy Wives have been fun to watch as Dustin has the best signal calling and voice inflection at QB in the entire league. I heard that they don't read these anymore so I hope that they do this week! Prediction: Ghosts of Meridian win 33-12

(2) Your Mom vs. winner of (3) vs. (6)

Your Mom will be Your Dad by this Friday and will then have to become Your Mom again. Does that make sense? If Nick and his team tune in each week, it will make sense to them. They finished strong, winning 5 of their last 6 games and tied the top team in the division. This could be a rematch of last week's game in which they beat Ghosts of Meridian 27-22. Prediction: Your Mom beats Ghosts of Meridian 27-22, did you really expect anything else?

Golden Keg Division - West:

1st) Kitna Kids 7-2 / 45.5 PF (1) / 25.7 PA (3)

2nd) Boats & Hoes 7-2 / 39.5 PF (2) / 19.7 PA (1)

3rd) Show Me Your TD's 6-3 / 26.1 PF (4) / 24.1PA (2)

4th) Ampadu's Assets 5-4 / 39.1 PF (3) / 29.8 PA (4)

5th) Shattered Dreams 1-8 / 15.8 PF (5) / 37.6 PA (5)

6th) Odoo 1-8 / PF 13.4 (6) / 45.0 PA (6)

This Week's Matchups:

(4) Ampadu's Assets vs. (5) Shattered Dreams

So I owe both teams here an apology as I completely skipped over their game last week. I typed the matchup, but never provided an actual write-up, but major props to Chris and Shattered Dreams for picking up their first win of the season and finishing on a high note! Can they do it again this week? Marco from Ampadu's Assets has done nothing but scream praise for his team as he reached out to me again this week to remind me how much his team enjoys the "Extra Points" write-ups each week. He also wanted to nudge Meg from his team to ball out for playoffs, as she has unfortunately missed the past few games, but is absolutely necessary for a deep run. Prediction: Ampadu's Assets wins 44-17 (according to Marco) & "The Manager"

(1) Kitna Kids vs. winner of (4) vs. (5)

Winners of 7 straight (including a forfeit win), Kitna Kids is one of the hottest teams in the league heading into the playoffs. I have to admit that after the first two weeks I felt like I would be eating my words from my preseason article in which I said they would be "an absolute lock" to win the championship. I just saw how well they played indoors during the winter session and was confident that would translate to the outdoor turf. They need to continue their run if my prediction is to hold true. Prediction: Kitna Kids beat Ampadu's Assets 50-49 in Overtime

(3) Show Me Your TD's vs. (6) Odoo

Christina has her team sitting nicely in 3rd place and managed the 2nd best defense in the division. She lucked out with Tanner at QB as he has proven to be a reliable play caller who admits when he makes a mistake and can make the necessary adjustments on the next drive. Odoo has been a fun addition to our league and I am hoping that they decide to come back in the fall to try things again. Will their company pay their registration fee again so they can play? Prediction: Show Me Your TD's wins 35-18

(2) Boats & Hoes vs. winner of (3) vs. (6)

Boats & Hoes came back down to Earth a little these past few weeks, losing their last two games. I am not sure if there were attendance issues or Josh was just trying to fly under the radar to not hype themselves up before playoffs. Make no mistake about it though, this team is focused on winning a championship before moving up to D3 in the fall where they belong. Prediction: Boats & Hoes beats Show Me Your TD's 40-29

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion: Will Laces Out! finally get over the hump and win a playoff game?

2-Point Conversion: How many picks will Marty throw to girls this week? O/U 1.5

1-Point Conversion: What are your championship predictions? Send them in!

Please remember to have fun, be respectful to the referees and other team, play hard and stick around to watch some other games as I always do. Let me know if you want to hear your name or team in the write-up. You can email me at, I promise to respond.

"The Manager"

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