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Week 3

Week 3 is upon us already and it looks like some nice weather for Saturday! Thank you to Kevin P, Clayton, Joe W., Marco and Joe S. for emailing me last week. It was great to hear from each of you, although, only all of the people above except 1 lost their games�¢?�¦.so maybe don't email me? (Kevin, you can pick your swag up from the Game On! staff this week for emailing first!)

The league is starting to shape up as we find out who the contenders and pretenders are. Just Get Open looks like the powerhouse of D2. Kitna Kids have continued to let me down and I am done believing in them. Losing Streak made a statement win against the former champs of D1, Our QB is Better than Allen. Still Running desperately needs a to see some improvement from the QB position as the season progresses. Boozin and Losing is not doing anything but winning.


Last week's scores:

Wanderers 43 over Tap Dat Pass 36

Tap Dat Pass 21 over Sizzurp Slurpees 14

Get Open & Catch the Ball 36 over Goungo Fever 34

Losing Streak 64 over Our QB is Better than Allen 49

Can't Two Hand Touch This 62 over Sizzurp Slurpees 28

Our QB is Better than Allen 76 over Get Open & Catch the Ball 38

Wow! After two weeks only two undefeated teams remain in Wanderers and Losing Streak in D1�¢?�¦a matchup from several championships in the past. Tap Dat Pass is in 1st place and proving me wrong each week. Get Open & Catch the Ball has a defense with more holes in it than Swiss cheese and Sizzurp Slurpees desperately missed Tom Earley.

This week's matchups:

Wanderers @ Goungo Fever +17

What a nice warmup for Frank, Sal and crew before playing Losing Streak on their double header Saturday. This should be a nice tune-up game for the fall runner ups against a team that probably doesn't belong in D1. The talent and chemistry is there for Tim and his team, but I just don't see the speed to be able to keep up with the Frank scrambling around at QB and the Wanderers' girls. Prediction: Wanderers win 52-25

Get Open & Catch the Ball +10 @ Can't Two Hand Touch This

So if a team averages 37 PPG and gives up 55 PPG is that a recipe for winning? Well, that is exactly what Justin and team are doing and they are 1-1 and about to have another 50+ dropped on them by Kiana and company. Can't Two Hand Touch This moves quick and has enough reserves on the team to stay fresh throughout the game. Prediction: Can't Two Hand Touch This wins 54-38

Sizzurp Slurpees @ Goungo Fever +5

The bottom two of the division goes at it with the potential to move up a few spots early on in the season. Matt's offense looked stale and bland last week and I am confident they will come out firing against the soft Goungo Fever defense. Matt has been helping ref quite a few games each week and throwing all those flags has tired his arm out at QB. Amber & Caitlyn look like absolute studs for Marty on offense and should come away with a few scores for their team. Prediction: Goungo Fever wins 31-30

Losing Streak +3 @ Wanderers

This one is tough because Losing Streak have beat Wanderers in the regular season but flame out when the big game comes around. Last week the tie dye crew won a closer than they hoped for game against Tap Dat Pass, but they don't care what the score is as long as they win. Chris and Malikye were juking the cleats off defenders last week and there is nobody that can keep up with their speed on the Wanderers. Is this a championship preview? Prediction: Losing Streak wins 52-48

Get Open & Catch the Ball +16 @ Losing Streak

Is that point spread right? This will be the 2nd game for both teams and depending on what happens earlier in the day, one or both could be motivated to get a win. John from Losing Streak played for GOCTB when the Streakers took a season off last year and was one of Justin's favorite targets. But when the teams step on the field he will be lined up on the other side of the field this week. Knowing Justin, he will probably still be throwing John passes. Anna and Melissa both had bullet TD catches last week and will be a major factor in the outcome of this game. Prediction: Losing Streak wins 56-37

Tap Dat Pass +7 @ Our QB is Better Than Allen

Tony has his team in a great position having already beat a contender and taking the Wanderers down to the wire. Their point differential is only +4 but they are sitting atop the division and confident as ever. Cordair continues to have big games and is a factor on both sides of the ball while Dianne and her girls hold their own after moving up from D3. Joe and Bobby are looking for a statement win after going 1-1 last week and the speed and athleticism of their team will be a huge factor. They are averaging 62.5 PPG on offense and should put up big numbers here. Prediction: Our QB is Better than Allen wins 48-32


Last week's scores:

Go Deep 54 over Touch Football Mafia 38

Clutch Genes 53 over Totes 48

Mavericks 36 over GUCCI 24

GUCCI 64 over Touchdown There 34

Just Get Open 46 over Mavericks 43

Disappointing start to the season for Touchdown There and Totes as they find themselves low in the standings after each lost again last week. I have heard so many people say how fast Tony's offense is with the speed of his receivers but they got blown out by GUCCI and had a poor defensive effort. Go Deep continues to surprise with another win and are now 2-0 while Clutch Genes did the same. Mavericks played two solid games and come out at 1-1 losing to the class of the division in Just Get Open.

This week's matchups:

Totes @ Mavericks +2 *Game of the Week #1*

Is it true that Marty and Totes has NEVER beaten a team QB'd by Jordan? These teams have shared quite a few players over the years and looking at the rosters I know that Amber, Anna and Jack will be looking to make a statement against their former team while Andrianna, Tiffany and Jeremy try to do the same. This kind of matchup at 10:00 AM deserves a Game of the Week nod. Prediction: Totes win 48-40

Touchdown There +4 @ Touch Football Mafia

The Mafia have had a tough start to the season. Steve along with family and friends look to right the ship this week. Meanwhile, Touchdown There is winless and not putting up tons of points like they have in the past. If this one is close, expect a war of words between the captains. If this one is a blowout, expect a war of words between the captains. Someone is getting tossed in this game. Prediction: Touchdown There wins 40-36

Just Get Open @ GUCCI +16

Kelly bounced back nicely last week during their double header win over Touchdown There. With every score counting as 8, they need to work on converting some extra points to keep pace with some of the top teams in the division. Brian has his offense humming along and feels comfortable spreading the ball out to anyone on the roster. The girls on Just Get Open have a huge advantage over the girls lining up across from them this Saturday. Prediction: Just Get Open wins 44-33

Clutch Genes @ Go Deep +2

The girls have been a bright spot for Go Deep as they have cruised to an undefeated record thus far. Megan and Savannah had some great plays last week and played extremely well against the veteran girls of Touch Football Mafia. Paul has his team firing on offense but they need a voice on defense as they have given up too many big plays. Karon and team do what they do best and that is quietly win games and make noise in the playoffs. They aren't flashy and are humble when they win, both of which are underrated and scary. Prediction: Clutch Genes win 41-38

Go Deep +12 @ Just Get Open

Another matchup with two teams playing double headers this week. John, captain of Just Get Open, did a great job recruiting in the offseason and now has a roster of like 20 when it seemed there weren't even enough to play. Paul played one season for The Hulks and before branching off and forming his own team, going straight to D2. I would have loved to see him matchup against his old team but he is stuck with the undefeated Just Get Open instead. I expect a lot of deep routes and long balls in this one, but Brian has the advantage here. Prediction: Just Get Open wins 44-31


Last week's scores:

Goatsack! 35 over Suite D 6

Laces Out 55 over Lava Covered Ninjas 43

The Hulks 61 over Still Running 29

Goatsack! 33 over 4th & Schlong 12

Lava Covered Ninjas 35 over It's for Fun 33

Laces Out 39 over North Buffalo Knights 6

Goatsack! cruised to two wins last week and Andy is still recruiting more females for his roster. Laces Out sits atop the division at 3-0 and is playing stingy defense. The Hulks reminded everyone why they belong up a division. Lava Covered Ninjas didn't scare anyone in their close games going 1-1. Suite D didn't play ANY D as they combined with North Buffalo Knights and 4th & Schlong to put up only 24 points combined!

This week's matchups:

Goatsack! @ Still Running +15

Goatsack! did what Goatsack! has always done and that is get their females involved and score 8 nearly every trip down the field. Still Running ran mostly backwards last week on offense and had a hard time moving the ball. Is there a better group of females in D3 than the ones on Goatsack!? Isn't Dave Taylor too old to still be playing? Will Alan come back this week for Still Running? This game should be fun, but probably won't be close. Prediction: Goatsack! wins 35-21

North Buffalo Knights @ The Hulks EVEN

Chris always has fun with his team each week, but has to be disappointed after only putting up 6 points. Will had a blast putting up 61 last week but won't be able to do that again. Both of these teams should advance far in the playoffs and this could even be a semifinals preview here in Week 3. The Hulks will have their hands full trying cover Alexis and there may not be a player on their squad that can keep up with her. Prediction: North Buffalo Knights win 34-29

Laces Out @ 4th & Schlong +13

Brandon had his team rolling last week and won both of their games easily. He has shown to be a better than expected QB so far and is a huge reason why his team has been so successful. His scrambling ability makes it hard for opposing defenses to cover that long, whether in zone or man, and I expect Sean to put his fastest girl as rusher to help put some pressure on. Things are coming together nicely for 4th & Schlong and if they can keep this one close the preseason odds could be way off. Prediction: Laces Out wins 37-27

It's for Fun +7 @ 4th & Schlong

How many teams does Caitlyn play for? It seemed she was catching passes on every field last week from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Amanda, Carri and Jenna have been It's For Fun's saving grace so far. They clearly belong in D3, with one of them catching a nice jump ball for a TD last week. Their QB struggled against the veterans of Lava Covered Ninjas but the fun, family team should keep things close in this one. Prediction: 4th & Schlong wins 26-18

It's for Fun +5 @ Suite D

Sorry Clay, you hyped your team up last week to me and then kind of laid an egg against Goatsack! Your receivers had too many dropped passes and the offense that looked so good in Week 1 didn't look so hot last week. I know you will bounce back though. Austin and crew will be playing their second game of the day here and with each game they learn a little more and continue to build on their chemistry on the field. I'm not sure if there is anyone that can keep up with the former DIII receivers Clay has on his team though. Prediction: Suite D wins 33-17

Lava Covered Ninjas @ Suite D +4

This one should be fun, Marty vs. Clay for D3 QB supremacy! Both QB's are fun to watch and know how to run their offense. Marty has been doing it longer in pickup football, Clay longer in real football. Clay has been around for a few years now and still needs to involve his girls to keep up with veteran teams like Lava Covered Ninjas. Karly, in her first season for the red Ninjas, had a great game last week and looks like a free agent steal for Tim! Prediction: Lava Covered Ninjas win 38-29

Golden Keg Division:

Last week's scores:

Balls Deep 52 over Trophy Wives 0

Balls Deep 33 over All Razzle No Dazzle 32

All Razzle No Dazzle 41 over Ghosts of Meridian 22

Ampadu's Assets 55 over Odoo 18

Boozin and Losing 51 over Your Mom 6

Boats & Hoes 42 over Show Me Your TD's 14

Ampadu's Assets 42 over Kitna Kids 18

If there is one team that I nailed preseason odds for it is Boozin and Losing, they continue to dominate each week with a performance better than the last. Balls Deep picks up two wins as Andy is a player way too good for his division. There was some Razzle and some Dazzle last week as Dave and company lost a close one and followed it up with a blowout win. Marco of Ampadu's emailed me to say how much he was enjoying the write-ups and then proceeded to put up 97 points in two wins. Josh of Boats and Hoes pick up their first win in their first game back after the winter session and the teams I predicted to be at the bottom of the standings, lost.

This week's matchups:

Kitna Kids +10 @ Shattered Dreams

Kitna Kids!?, what are you doing to me sitting in last place in the Golden Keg Division? Quite frankly, your team is not playing to it's full potential right now and I am questioning my decision to lock you guys in for division champs at the start of the season. I'll need you guys to prove me wrong on the field this week against Shattered Dreams. After a bye week, Chris looks to get his team in the win column with a double header and I think Randi could have a huge week here. Prediction: Shattered Dreams win 34-22

Shattered Dreams @ Show Me Your TD's EVEN

There is no time to rest between games for Shattered Dreams, but that doesn't matter because Keyshaun is literally unconverable and never tires. Tanner didn't look so hot at QB this past week and was one to vehemently disagree with my preseason odds for their team. I don't really see a lot of points being put up in this one but I know Joe will disagree and say "Show Me Your TD's by a billion" Prediction: Shattered Dreams win 28-21

Your Mom +18 @ Boozin and Losing

The biggest point spread of the week comes for a team that has managed just 19 points in two games going up against a team who has scored 133 in three. Darren doesn't care who his team plays and doesn't take his foot off the gas, so this one could get out of control early. Would somebody please put a guy on Rochelle or do we all want to continue to see her burn us downfield? Prediction: Nobody covers Rochelle again and Boozin and Losing wins 49-8

Boats & Hoes +8 @ Ampadu's Assets

Marcoooooooooo! You got your team rolling buddy! Neil, straight off the DL, is back catching TD's in his first week and veteran Laura gets a TD snag as well! Winning both games easily last week, Ampadu's Assets faces a team that has played in the upper divisions and a combination of these teams faced off indoors during our winter session. Joshua's team didn't miss a beat winning their game easily last week as well. The question for this one is whether Ace knows how to tie his damn cleats in the car and park close enough to the field so he can get a series in before halftime. Prediction: Ampadu's Assets win 50-40

Ghosts of Meridian +13 @ Balls Deep

Alright Balls Deep, I see you winning games out there. Lenny would be proud regardless of a win or loss but you all deliver each week on the field as well as at the bar. I know it is tough out there without him as he is greatly missed. This week you will go up against Ryan, Isaac and company as they look to bounce back from a bad loss last week. Even though the QB play in this game could be subpar, there are enough familiar faces and talent to go around to make this an enjoyable and competitive game. Prediction: Balls Deep wins 33-19

Trophy Wives +6 @ All Razzle No Dazzle

Trophy Wives have averaged 6 PPG on offense and don't look much better on defense. Dustin courageously brought a brand new team into our league and they have had growing pains like most others do. From what I have seen and heard, they have a lot to work on still, but I am rooting for you all to figure it out. Dave has his team holding their arguments off until after the games and sit in 3rd place at 1-2. They have a lot of fun every game and Clay has been great for them so far. Tyler has made some nice plays on both sides of the ball as well. Prediction: All Razzle No Dazzle wins 28-7

Boats & Hoes @ Odoo +6

Odoo came back down to Earth last week after a beating by Ampadu's Assets, but they still were having fun. I am guessing that Angela somehow got their work to pay for the entire team registration, so of course it is fun! This will be the 2nd game of the day for Boats and Hoes as Mai and Xaiver look to use their years of football experience to carve up the Odoo defense. I like what I have seen so far from Odoo and it is always fun watching new teams figure things out, but Boats and Hoes has been around so much longer. Prediction: Boats & Hoes wins 42-19

So there you have it, the Week 3 write-ups and predictions. As I will say every week, I truly enjoy being "The Manager" and helping to provide some insight into all of our teams, players and games every week.

I would love to hear from more of you so I can better recognize your team and players.

Please email me at anytime and I will be sure to respond.

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:
How many cones in total does it take to setup all 4 fields? The person who guesses correctly to my email or the closest will win some Game On! swag next week at the fields.

2-Point Conversion:
How rusty will teams be after two weeks off in late May? As a reminder, the fields are unavailable to our league on May 21st and the owners have graciously given ALL teams off for Memorial Day weekend. Personally, I would rather be playing football than having cookouts and camping.

1-Point Conversion:
Which team is most likely to go undefeated this season? My bet is on Boozin and Losing followed by Just Get Open.

"The Manager"

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