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Week 5

Week 5 is here already and will be gone faster than we know. It was really great seeing everyone last week at the fields and following the rules for parking. The weather turned out to be great and it looks like more sun is on its way for Saturday!

I really would like to hear from more of you. I know what an awesome job I do every week writing about the games, teams and players and trust me, it isn't easy to have eyes on every field, but I do my best. Is it because of the fact that my insight is so truly accurate that more of you don't reach out? Is it bad that I check my email a dozen times a day just waiting for one of you to tell me how great your team is or what player got the game winning TD or interception? Please, write to me at so I can learn more about everyone! (I promise to respond with professional, accurate predictions and wisdom.)

As a reminder, this week we will be on the opposite field that we have been using up to this point. Make sure to get there early, follow the parking rules. Everyone has been great about cleaning up their garbage each week and I wanted to give a special shout out to the Game On! staff, field managers and referees for consistently helping to setup and clean the fields each week. I can only imagine how much work and dedication it takes and I know that we all appreciate what you do.

Have fun this week, make some incredible plays, meet a few new people and tip your referees. Not necessary on that last one, they make enough! Let's get to the reason why you all come here, the weekly predictions.


Last week's scores:

Wanderers 44 over Sizzurp Slurpees 20

Losing Streak 76 over Tap Dat Pass 9

Sizzurp Slurpees 62 over Get Open & Catch the Ball 37

Our QB is Better than Allen 64 over Goungo Fever 32

That's right, I went 4 for 4 in my D1 predictions last week and the "Game of the Week" didn't live up to its potential, but I STILL chose all the outcomes correctly. The Wanderers did exactly what they should have done and beat Sizzurp Slurpees, who then took care of GOATS. Somebody must have done something to make Losing Streak mad as they have now scored 161 points in the last two games. Hats were flying everywhere as Our QB is Better than Allen doubled up Goungo Fever late in the day. Looking at the standings, it seems as though there are two tiers to our top division, with Wanderers, Losing Streak and Our QB is Better than Allen vying for a championship while Tap Dat Pas, Can't Two Hand Touch This, Sizzurp Slurpees, Get Open & Catch the Ball and Goungo Fever look to play as the upsetting underdogs. There is a lot of season left and anything can happen.

This week's matchups:

Goungo Fever +16 @ Tap Dat Pass

The point spreads are getting wider as the season goes on and I feel confident that after the beating that Tap Dat Pass took last week, they will be out to prove, once again, that they belong in D1. Goungo Fever is such a great mix of people and Tim and Marty have done a great job assembling a team over the years to stay and play with the best, but it seems as though they may be overmatched this session. They keep things close through the first half but have fallen apart during the second. If they can put a complete game together, they can hang with the best. Prediction: Tap Dat Pass wins 41-29

Can't Two Hand Touch This +6 @ Wanderers

Alan of the Wanderers will absolutely two hand touch anything that comes his way as his team keeps rolling along as usual. John, Kiana and Vinny decided to not put in for a bye last week and had their game rescheduled to the end of the season. They are looking to pick up their 3rd win of the season and have been scoring at will, but that could end this week. The girls of the tie dye crew run short, crisp routes and do exactly what they are told by Frank. Whatever it is, it works, because it's usually 10 points down the field every time. I don't see anyone touching that. Prediction: Wanderers win 48-42 (but it's really not that close as John throws a garbage time TD)

Sizzurp Slurpees +20 @ Losing Streak

Two of the best refs, I mean QB's, go head to head in what could be a real upset, or another blowout. Matt is begging for anyone to show up for a game as they continue to barely put together a roster each week and Losing Streak's 4th & 5th receivers are better than some other D1 team's top options. Emily has been one of the few bright spots for Slurpees as she continues to get open and move the chains. The chemistry seems a little off for Matt and crew as they have not had a consistent group. Britt of Losing Streak has fit in nicely as she can frustrate the other teams' best female every week. Prediction: Losing Streak wins 68-32

Our QB is Better than Allen @ Sizzurp Slurpees +16

What have the schedule makers done to Gordon? This can't be right! Slurpees need to get back on track this week as we are at the halfway point in the season and they sit at 1-4. I know this team can compete and they have been to multiple semi-finals in D1 in the past. Tom, if you read these, will you please come to the games this Saturday? The Slisz brothers have really assembled a nice team and Darlene is so much faster than you think as she can jump any QB's pass that comes her way. I am not going to make the same mistake I have in weeks past and I am going to give Our QB the credit they deserve with my prediction. Prediction: Our QB is Better than Allen wins 70-37


Last week's scores:

Clutch Genes 50 over GUCCI 43

Mavericks 71 over Touch Football Mafia 16

Clutch Genes 60 over Touch Football Mafia 20

Totes McGoats 44 over Go Deep 30

Go Deep 52 over Just Get Open 40

So my D2 predictions weren't as good as my D1. Does anyone even read these anyways? If you were wondering, I went 3 for 5. 60% is good enough. After starting 0-2, Totes is now 2-2 and sit in 5th place. Clutch Genes continues to rack up the wins and remain undefeated at 5-0. Go Deep went deep in both games but only came out with one win, but sit comfortably in 2nd place in the division. Mavericks beat Touch Football Mafia and the two teams have a rematch this week, while Touchdown There got permission to have their game rescheduled. Just Get Open started strong out of the gates winning their first three and has now dropped their last three. There are only 4 games on tap for this week, so let's get to them!

This week's matchups:

Mavericks @ Touch Football Mafia +12

Another week in D2 with a rematch from the week before. Touch Football Mafia is averaging 30.2 PPG and allowing 49.9 PPG on defense. Mavericks have scored 46 PPG and allowed 31.8 PPG. Even with the gap in point differential, Mavericks sit just one game ahead of Touch Football Mafia in the standings, as both teams look to move out of the bottom of D2. I heard Rylee had an interception which she kicked out of the air last week and then proceeded to playfully taunt the opposing team. John has been a savior for the Mavericks offense this season. Prediction: Mavericks win 47-31 (look at the numbers above)

Totes @ Just Get Open EVEN *Game of the Week #1*

Adam has his team firing on all cylinders as they have beaten some teams that could be competing for a spot in the finals this session. Dan continues to ball out and has been Marty's Stefon Diggs. On the other hand, Brian has not been able to connect on his deep passes to John or Dave in recent weeks and needs to start taking what the defense is giving him. The Totes defense has been known to have holes and this could be the week that captain John gets his team back on track. I encourage anyone not playing at Noon to head over to Field 3 for our first Game of the Week. Prediction: Just Get Open wins 44-40 as Marty cannot handle all the spectators watching his game and gets sacked by Des to end the game

Touchdown There +6 @ Clutch Genes

Is this a must win game for Tony and crew already in Week 5? I think it is and I know that they have not played up to their potential. I haven't seen much of their games nor have I received any emails from their team to tell me what has been off this season. Karon and crew continue to roll as they are putting up over 50 PPG and winning with style. They have played from behind on several occasions and never really seem to worry, which makes them a tough out. Their defense has been great and their secondary has a slew of ball hawks baiting opposing Quarterbacks. Touchdown There really needs a win and I am rooting for them to get it. Prediction: Clutch Genes wins 43-37 to remain undefeated

Go Deep @ GUCCI +7

GUCCI, your season is almost over! Not in a bad way, but this will be your 7th game already and we are in the first week of May! Kelly has either been winning comfortably or losing by multiple scores, there really haven't been any close games. Which GUCCI will show up this week? Go Deep is a really likable team that I am happy to be in D2. Paul is the ultimate good guy and doesn't let his athleticism or skills go to his head. The crew in blue has fun every week, win or lose, and really have things going right now. After a tough loss to Totes last week, I think they will get back in the win column Saturday. Prediction: Go Deep wins 42-26


Last week's scores:

It's For Fun 38 over The Hulks 12

4th & Schlong 51 over The Hulks 34

Laces Out! 51 over Still Running 40

Lava Covered Ninjas 28 over Goatsack! 22

Still Running 43 over Lava Covered Ninjas 42

North Buffalo Knights 34 over Suite D 16

Keeping with the spirit of giving you my results from the previous week, I went 4 for 6 in my D3 predictions. The Hulks didn't have much fun dropping both of their games as Brandon and Alan put on a clinic in scoring when Laces Out! beat Still Running 51 to 40. Lava Covered Ninjas got hot in their first game but then the eruption was over by their second, losing a close one to Still Running. It's For Fun and 4th & Schlong picked up some convincing wins and the Knights of North Buffalo took care of Suite D. There are only 4 games this week in D3, but some great matchups starting with our second Game of the Week.

This week's matchups:

North Buffalo Knights +4 @ Laces Out! *Game of the Week #2*

Brandon, I see you man. You have been dropping absolute dimes out there and have your team undefeated and with a +92 point differential. You effectively scramble to get your receivers open and don't get down when you make the occasional mistake. Watching your team just backs up my prediction, although I had you losing in the finals, that you Laces Out should be in D2. I know that you would be successful moving up by playing higher competition. The same can be said for Chris and North Buffalo Knights. Antoine was great on both sides of the ball last week and your girls absolutely tore it up, catching several deep balls for TD's. This one could be a D3 finals preview! Prediction: Laces Out wins 42-34

Lava Covered Ninjas @ The Hulks +13

The Hulks are really missing the gamma ray that was Gio. Knowing that these guys competed well in D2 and now are sitting in last place in D3 is disappointing because I know they can do better. Will loves coming to the fields to play every week and can only put up with so many of his QB's jokes until he gets all green and angry. The 6-headed monster of Lava Covered Ninjas females led by Karly and Anna has been outstanding this year as they continue to surprise me. Their roster of 46, also the age of their QB, play on so many other teams that it is hard for them to get consistency. This one should be fun regardless of the outcome, but I'm going to take the 46 year old QB over the one that jokes all the time. Prediction: Lava Covered Ninjas win 31-18

4th & Schlong +2 @ Goatsack!

Will Andy ever referee again? He truly was an asset to our officiating crew, but his old age has made it so he reserves his arm for throwing touchdown passes rather than flags on Saturdays. Goatsack! has been ravaged by injuries thus far but are still in the mix at 2-3, tied with 4th & Schlong for 5th in the division. Sean and crew seem to get hot one week but cool off the next and hope to win two in a row for the first time this season. Goatsack! has been doing this for longer than some of their opponents have been alive so I'm going with experience in this one. Prediction: Goatsack! wins 33-28

Suite D +4 @ Still Running

Did you know that the players from Still Running literally haven't stopped running since last week? Just watch their games, captain Jordan has them doing pushups, jumping jacks, headstands and hula hooping on the sidelines when they are subbing out. Antwan has been fun to watch and continues to be a nice pickup for Still Running now in his 4th session with the team. Clayton and Suite D lost last week as they made too many mistakes on offense and gave up a few deep balls on defense. I know this team can play and they have not given up in any of their games. I am hoping they get back on track against a very talented, experienced Still Running team. Prediction: Suite D wins 28-23

Golden Keg Division:

Last week's scores:

Ghosts of Meridian 47 over Boozin and Losing 36

Your Mom 34 over Balls Deep 24

Boats & Hoes 42 over Shattered Dreams 12

Ampadu's Assets 58 over Odoo 0

Your Mom 21 over Trophy Wives 7

Kitna Kids 50 over Shattered Dreams 28

Show Me Your TD's 24 over Odoo 23

Did you know that EVERY single Golden Keg division game was played at 2 or 3pm last week? Why is that? Did you also know that I went 6 of 7 in my predictions from last week? If you haven't made it out to see a Golden Keg division game, I encourage you to do that this Saturday, as there truly is a lot of talent and playmaking in each of the divisions. Last week Your Mom didn't like being called a Trophy Wife and disagreed with being Balls Deep to go undefeated on the week. Ampadu's Assets reversed their score from the week before and Shattered Dreams probably had nightmares all week after losing two. Kitna Kids got back on track and everyone got to see some TD's as Tanner and company won a close one against Odoo.

This week's matchups:

All Razzle No Dazzle +7 @ Your Mom

What a last few weeks it has been for Your Mom, she started out 1-1-1 and now has won the last two games to move up into 2nd place. I don't really like talking about Your Mom, but when she is playing so well it is hard not to. Have you seen the way Your Mom runs her offense? Do you know how motivated Your Mom is to win games right now? Do you think Your Mom will razzle and dazzle this week? I would love to see some razzle and dazzle from Clay, Dave and Tyler as they boast some of the best females in the Golden Keg division. After last week off they look to get back into their winning ways. Prediction: Your Mom wins 26-18

Shattered Dreams +12 @ Ampadu's Assets

I'm not sure if it is Autumn or Michelle, but the girl with the American flag socks of Shattered Dreams is an absolute stud! Those socks were flying proud in the wind as she hauled in catch after catch, touchdown after touchdown. Unfortunately, her team lost both games, but they should be thankful to have her on the team as they look forward to the rest of the season. Lining up across from her on Saturday will be Laura from Ampadu's Assets who did enough to get recognized on her own as well. She balled out and caught a few TD passes herself. What awesome female talent in this game and 8 point touchdowns should be the norm. Prediction: Ampadu's Assets win 37-17

Balls Deep @ Trophy Wives +7

This game is a tough one to predict here as both teams have been inconsistent. I think Balls Deep has the talent box checked but Trophy Wives have the motivation edge. Mike continues to move the ball downfield but his team has had trouble finishing off drives and they currently sit in 4th place. Trophy Wives are looking to win their first game of the season and have also had trouble scoring as of late. This one should be a low scoring affair that could end on the last play of the game. Prediction: Balls Deep wins 17-12

Ghosts of Meridian @ Boozin and Losing

Two teams moving in opposite directions as of late. Boozin and Losing started so hot out the gate and have cooled off losing last week and tying the week before. This is another rematch from the previous week in which Ghosts of Meridian won 47-36. Micah has really looked great at QB and Isaac trusts him with the offense. The Ghosts have now won 2 in a row and look to potentially take over 1st place this week with another win. Prediction: Boozin and Losing wins 34-21 to stay in 1st place

Show Me Your TD's @ Kitna Kids *Game of the Week #3"

Christina didn't take lightly to my comments earlier in the season and she went out and rallied her team after training at halftime last week. Tanner played a great game and threw accurate passes, but his receivers couldn't hold on to most of them. They pulled it out in the end in a close one against Odoo and hope to have better attendance this week. Colin of Kitna Kids was literally everywhere on the field last week making plays. This kid is fast, has great hands and plays with intensity. As if he wasn't enough, Shaq is out there as a human joystick that Joe can press "X" or "O" to make him juke and spin around defenders. Prediction: Kitna Kids win 34-30 and still don't read the write-ups

Odoo +18 @ Boats & Hoes

It sounded like Odoo bounced back nicely after failing to score in their first game, losing a close one to Show Me Your TD's. The QB carousel continues though as 5 of the 18 rostered players got a chance to throw. This team is fun and is really just out there to have fun and spend time with friends. They have lost in style and have had great attitudes while doing so. Boats and Hoes may have their own QB controversy as Josh should really think about handing the reins over to Xavier. This man comes in when his team is up multiple scores and continues to drop dimes. I hope that Odoo can get back on track this week, but I don't see it happening against one of the hottest teams in the league right now. Prediction: Boats & Hoes win 49-19

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:
Which teams are in a must win position this week from each division?

D1 â?? Sizzurp Slurpees

D2 â?? Touchdown There

D3 â?? Suite D

Golden Keg â?? Balls Deep & Shattered Dreams

2-Point Conversion:
Which teams look unstoppable right now from each division?

D1 â?? Losing Streak

D2 â?? Go Deep

D3 â?? Laces Out!

Golden Keg â?? Boats & Hoes and Ghosts of Meridian

1-Point Conversion:
The first three people to email me at this week with their own prediction of their game(s) and the reasoning why they will win some swag at the field! (You must also recognize one other person from your team and why they deserve a shout out this season.)

I am always watching and listening and gathering Intelâ?¦

"The Manager"

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