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Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of our Spring 2022 outdoor session! This week is all about overreactions. I will first admit that I did a horrible job selecting the outcomes of the games last week, but I stand by my odds for every team in every division.

That's right Tap Dat Pass at 100:1, you beat a shorthanded Can't Two Hand Touch This, settle down, the odds are right! I'm also talking to you Totes at 5:1 odds, getting blown out by GUCCI. You will bounce back but you need an actual QB throwing if you want to win D2. North Buffalo Knights at 3:1 odds pitched a shutout. Kitna Kids, what happened? You're still my LOCK to win your division at 2:1 odds.

I'll recap the scores from last week and point out some of the things that I saw while blessing you all with my predictions for this Saturday. Remember, if you don't like your odds, email me at The first person to email THIS week and tell me why you agree or disagree with the odds for your team will win some Game On! swag at the field.


Last week's scores:

Tap Dat Pass 36 over Can't Two Hand Touch This 25

Golf clap, very quietly for Tap Dat Pass...Can't Two Hand Touch This hasn't been the same since the indoor session. They played short-handed and lost by 1 score (remember the 3-pt conversion). This is the week of not overreacting so settle down Tap Dat Pass about the odds and getting ready to hoist the D1 trophy, your team has to beat a team at full strength, and one of the top 3 teams and then we can talk.

This week's matchups:

Tap Dat Pass +14 @ The Wanderers

The schedule makers did Tap Dat Pass dirty with this nasty double header. Will Cordair have some nice snags or will the refs be throwing flags? That big personality, is part of his game. To get in the other teams heads, but sometimes it draws the attention of the refs, and with that comes the flags. 

The refs might care, but the Wanderers won't care. They are coming off a disappointing loss in the fall and will want to show everyone why with 10 or 11 points every trip down the field. Prediction: Wanderers win 48-26

Sizzurp Slurpees @ Tap Dat Pass +7

Ouch! After Tony and his team get taken to school by Sal and Frank, the red haired wonder will be dropping dimes to Tom across the middle of the field. Tap Dat Pass should be very thankful if they come out of Week 2 with a 1-1 record. Lovebirds Emily and Jesse look to announce their presence in D1 with a win for Slurpees and crew. Prediction: Slurpees win 37-29

Get Open & Catch the Ball @ Goungo Fever +10

Justin looks to start the season with two wins for his team and brought David back to help. I see a lot of new faces on this roster and hope they can build the chemistry quick to compete in D1. If Nick shows up for more than 2 games this season, GOCTB could make noise in the playoffs. Goungo Fever takes the field with the leftovers of Talent Juice, Remember the Beer and any other team Tim and Marty have come up with. I like this team, just not to win this game. Prediction: GOCTB wins 31-28

Losing Streak +4 @ Our QB is Better than Allen

Jordan and crew come back with all the confidence after winning a championship during their hiatus. Unfortunately for them, they run into the defending champs for their first game back. The girls on Our QB are faster and helped beat The Wanderers in the Fall, something Losing Streak has failed to do time after time. The squad in pink averaged over 50 PPG during their last two runs, but their defense also allowed 40, no way I pick against the champs in this one. Prediction: Our QB wins 54-47

SIzzurp Slurpees @ Can't Two Hand Touch This EVEN

Double header for the lovers of 7-11 and if purple's roster of 21 shows up, they are in trouble. John moves better than any QB on the field and can flick the ball the length without much effort. Odds on Darrik showing up are 200:1, so we'll see how that goes. Doesn't matter though, Can't Two Hand has more talent and talent wins. I'll be rooting for Slurpees though. Prediction: Can't Two Hand Touch This wins 44-38

Our QB is Better than Allen @ Get Open & Catch the Ball +7

Our QB's players will be tired and without Jack from trying to cover Chris Nelson during their first game, but Justin's arm will probably be shot after throwing one game too. What should be a great matchup may not be as good on the field as it is on paper. Hopefully each team has subs for this one. Prediction: Our QB wins 36-29


Last week's scores:

Just Get Open 40 over Touch Football Mafia 34

Go Deep 46 over Touchdown There 45

Clutch Genes 50 over GUCCI 25

Just Get Open 50 over Touchdown There 32

GUCCI 44 over Totes 12

What an exciting day in D2! What I promised would be the most competitive and tight division was, as Just Get Open put up 90 and went 2-0 , Kelly throws up 69 points and goes 1-1 and Tony and crew put up 77 and went 0-2�?�¢?�?�¦.figure that one out. Steve is already complaining about being in D2 and Karon and company took care of business.

This week's matchups:

Touch Football Mafia @ Go Deep +3

Hopefully the write-up will light a fire in Steve and crew, they have the talent to compete in D2 whether they think so or not. Paul and his team won an absolute shutout against Touchdown There last week and showed they belong with a statement win. They didn't go deep as much as I thought but should be able to this week against the slower secondary of Touch Football Mafia. Prediction: Touch Football Mafia wins 36-35

Clutch Genes @ Totes +2 *Game of the Week #1*

The girls on Clutch Genes showed exactly why I predicted they could be MVP candidates in this division last week, helping their team to an easy win. Savion did his best at QB, but couldn't get the job done for Totes. Will Michelle's sister settle in with the roster and build chemistry with Marty? Will Tyreese be the difference maker Karon thought he could be? Prediction: Totes wins 44-37

GUCCI +8 @ Mavericks

The average age on GUCCI is 41 while Mavericks is 31. GUCCI has won championships while Mavericks seem to get put together a month before the season starts. Will Thomas rush Jordan and have some batted balls or should he drop back in coverage and let a female rush? If Mavericks can click right away with their roster of hand-selected players by their captain then they could be dangerous. Prediction: Mavericks win 41-26

GUCCI @ Touchdown There +2

Tough day for the Gods as they play against Touchdown There after the Mavericks. Tony and his loyalists look for some redemption after a disappointing first week. GUCCI will have played nearly HALF their season by the end of this one and dropping both today could be disastrous...well everyone makes the playoffs so maybe not. Prediction: Touchdown There wins 46-38

Just Get Open @ Mavericks +6

A rematch from over two years ago from the D2 semis in which Just Get Open went on to win the D2 championship. Will Dave be there for Brian this week? Why aren't these guys in D1 if they won D2? It is well known that Jordan can't throw more than 2 games in a week without pain anymore and his 3rd game of the day may see backup QB John in earlier than expected. John of Just Get Open always manages to put a team together last minute and will be 3-0 by the end of this one. Prediction: Just Get Open wins 47-39


Last week's scores:

Laces Out 39 over Goatsack 14

Suite D 38 over The Hulks 14

North Buffalo Knights 18 over It's For Fun 0

4th & Schlong 28 over Still Running 14

How embarrassing to have picked incorrectly in 75% of the games last week. Congrats to D2 Laces Out talent for winning their first game in D3, don't worry, they will miraculously lose in the playoffs to avoid moving up. The Hulks showed just how angry they can be when half their team leaves for greener pastures. Mekker took care of business and had fun not running up the score as 4th & Schlong beat a shorthanded Still Running.

This week's matchups:

Suite D @ Goatsack EVEN

Clay reminded us all last week that he was an actual DIII QB and demonstrated what a great leader he is leading his team to a solid victory. Goatsack stumbled the first week and will surely bounce back as they have been around for like 37 years. This one should be fun and I see nothing but smiles and high fives afterwards...and possibly a few dozen beers. Prediction: Goatsack wins 31-19

Still Running @ The Hulks +6

The Hulks belong in D2 if Dave is throwing, he is too good to be in D3, right? Al boasts a ton of talent at QB too, learning from his brother, Frank for so many years winning all those championships in D1. This one should be fun and I expect JZ and Angela to let The Hulks ladies know exactly why Alan loves to scramble and find them for big gains down the field. Prediction: Still Running wins 24-18

Goatsack @ 4th & Schlong +6

Does a team really need 6 girls? Well Andy thinks so and he has a group of some great talent led by Tiffany. Sean and 4th & Schlong boast one of the best females in the division in Catilyn as they look to build on their momentum from last week. Sean and his squad have been together for a few years now and play softball in the spring and summer together, but Andy and crew have been playing football together longer. Prediction: Goatsack wins 28-21

It's For Fun +13 @ Lava Covered Ninjas

It's For Fun still looked like they were having fun last week after failing to score against North Buffalo Knights. Another team that apparently needs 6 girls on the roster, Lava Covered Ninjas are an entirely different team than years ago when they were dominating fall and winter indoor sessions. Austin and team will get things together this season, but this might be a tough game to gain that momentum. Prediction: Lava Covered Ninjas win 33-10

Laces Out @ North Buffalo Knights EVEN *Game of the Week #2*

Head over to Field 4 at 11AM if you want to see two of the favorites to win the division battle it out in what could be a championship preview. Brandon will look to potentially bring his team to an undefeated 3-0 while Mekker and his I-formation still isn't fooling anyone. This game should feature some great football with two exciting QB's and athletic females on both sides. I don't expect any crazy, over the top plays, but both teams know how to move the ball down the field and play great defense. Prediction: Laces Out wins 34-31

Golden Keg Division:

Last week's scores: Your Mom 13 over Trophy Wives 12

Boozin & Losing 31 over All Razzle No Dazzle 7

Odoo 29 over Shattered Dreams 23

Ghosts of Meridian 22 over Trophy Wives 6

Boozin and Losing 31 over Balls Deep 24

Show Me Your TD's 22 over Kitna Kids 19

What a busy day in our Golden Keg Division with some low scoring affairs. Boozin and Losing did exactly what I said they would and took care of business going 2-0 on the day. Isaac did a wonderful job managing the ghosts and spooked their way to a win over Trophy Wives, who only managed to put up 18 points in two games. Odoo's billboards must have worked as they shattered Ritz and crew's hopes of an undefeated season. Tanner complained on Facebook about their odds and went out and took care of division favorites in Kitna Kids.

This week's matchups:

Trophy Wives +5 @ Balls Deep

It doesn't look like Mike is going to be reffing anytime soon but he will be leading his team out for revenge after a tough loss to Boozin and Losing last week. Andrianna should be a top target for him and old man Carl is more athletic than you think. Dustin and crew look to bounce back after losing their first two games and didn't look too competitive against the other two new teams they faced. Someone has to get a "W" right? Prediction: Trophy Wives & Balls Deep tie 12-12

All Razzle No Dazzle @ Balls Deep EVEN

Does anyone else know that Chris's real name is David? I was corrected promptly when I incorrectly wrote that he was not on his dad's roster. Now that I know he is, he should have enough energy left after reffing 7 games to run around the solid Balls Deep defense. The second of the day for the Goungos and Balls Deep, the veterans in pink take the lead last minute and never look back. Prediction: Balls Deep wins 23-15

Ghosts of Meridian +4 @ All Razzle No Dazzle

Isaac and his team didn't look like a group of free agents, they looked like a team that was hungry to make a name for themselves during their first session together. Last week, there was no razzle or dazzle but more of a slow-paced powder keg of anger about to explode at the next dropped pass or blown coverage. The new team has nothing to lose and everything to prove. Prediction: Ghosts of Meridian wins 19-17

Odoo +10 @ Ampadu's Assets

Oooooodooooooooo! Alanda, Angela, Chris, Colin, Colin, Deonte, Dewan, Jonathan, Kasie, Kevin, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Philomena, Scott, Shankar, Varun...did I miss anyone? Nice win last week! Screw those odds, who makes those anyways? Seriously 4 Michael's on the roster though, which one is the best? You are all about to find out who Marco and Sergio are though and I don't think you are shattering anyone's dreams this week. Prediction: Ampadu's Assets win 36-20

Boozin and Losing @ Your Mom +16

Your Mom, I don't even like saying that, but am going to have to every week for the next two months or so. What a dumb team name, but I am going to give you a pass for this week since you won your first game. Look out for Rochelle from Boozin and Losing, she will be the dark-haired boss catching deep bombs over her shoulder from her brother. Prediction: Boozin and Losing wins 34-14

Boats & Hoes @ Show Me Your TD's EVEN

Is there an 'X' factor in this game? Will Tanner back up their smack talk with another win? Does Mai play too much football? What are boats and hoes? Did Christina add any more talent yet? So many questions that I truly know the answers to, but I want to hear from these teams through email about why they are going to win the division. Prediction: Nobody emails me and I don't give a prediction for the outcomes of their games until they do

Ampadu's Assets @ Kitna Kids +2
After a huge win earlier in the day, Sergio and his group of 20 year olds take the field against my pick for champions in Kitna Kids. Joe, what happened last week? I watched your team indoors and it looked like you were going to come into the Golden Keg Division this spring and roll the competition and you lost to Show Me Your TD's!? Don't let it happen again. Prediction: Ampadu's Assets win 39-27 and Kitna Kids let me down again.

I hope that all of you have enjoyed the 'Extra Points' articles thus far and look forward to reading them as much as I enjoy watching the games and writing about them. I would love to hear from you and ask that you email me at

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:
A shout out to all the ladies that play on 3 or 4 teams with the potential for 3-6 games each week. How do you do it? I get tired watching the games!

2-Point Conversion:
Every team will be playing this week and we should all have a better idea of the true contenders and who the pretenders are after Saturday.

1-Point Conversion:
Who will win the swag this week? Write to me and remind me why I nailed your team's odds or why I was entirely wrong in my preseason predictions.

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