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Week 07

Week 7 - The Manager

Can you believe there are only two weeks left in the regular season? What an awesome Saturday we had as the sun was out and temperatures rose into the 70's in mid-October! As I write this, it looks like low-mid 60's for this upcoming Saturday, but still a great day to play football. I want to give a shout out to Dave for getting those scores up so quickly last week!

As the season winds down, it always makes me sad to think we only have a few weeks left. The fun of getting outside with your friends and competing in our great league means so much to the hundreds of players that come out every week. Let's truly enjoy the little time that we have left together until our indoor winter session starts and have fun and meet somebody new this week.

After 6 weeks we have five teams that remain undefeated;

D1: Losing Streak 7-0

D2: None

D3:Lava Covered Ninjas 7-0

D4: Boozin and Losing 5-0-1; Ampadu's Assets 5-0

D5: All About the U 5-0

North Buffalo Blazers unfortunately fell from the ranks of undefeated at the hands of Boats & Hoes last week, which leaves us with 5 teams that have a perfect record. Each of them look so strong and it has been quite some time that there are still this many undefeated teams so late in the season. Is it good luck to have "losing" in your team name, as two of our remaining undefeated share that sentiment. Losing Streak could be upset by Clutch Genes this week and Lava Covered Ninjas should be able to survive their double header. I don't see Boozin and Losing losing this week, but Ampadu's Assets has a tough double header against some great opponents. All About that U isn't losing this week, enough said?

Remember, you can always email me at I love hearing from our teams, players and captains about some of the games I don't have a chance to catch each week.

I encourage you to each thank a referee for the work that they put in each week at the fields. They may not always be right, you may disagree with the judgement calls that they have to make or they may throw a flag at the worst possible time during your game. However, each of them are out there to help make our league a better place to play and have fun and each one of them have volunteered their time, although paid, to do so. Yelling and screaming at them is not going to change a call, so I ask kindly that all of us be respectful this week and remember that the referees are out there to have fun too.

D1: Sci-Fi Hamster NEIPA Division

Last week's scores:

Wanderers 47 over Bad Friend Squad 22

Clutch Genes 54 over Wanderers 40

Losing Streak 59 over Sizzurp Slurpees 22

This week's matchups:

Losing Streak (7-0) @ Clutch Genes (2-4) *Game of the Week #1*

Losing Streak has continued to stay hot and put others on a losing streak of their own as Clutch Genes upset The Wanderers and picked up a statement win in D1. Courtney played for both teams last week and will have to pick a side if she is there Saturday. A D1 game at 9am on field 4 is a first and I have a strong feeling Losing Streak players will show up 10 minutes into the game, allowing Karon to get an easy, early lead. Prediction: Losing Streak loses, ruining their perfect season, 52-49

Totes McGoats (3-4) @ Sizzurp Slurpees (2-4) *Crossover Game*

Our second crossover game of the season comes at the perfect time for Slurpees and a tough time for Totes, with both teams desperately needing a win. Slurpees were heating up 2 weeks ago and then melted in the hot sun to Losing Streak last week. Totes lost to the class of D2 in Ball Hawks and look to get things going this week with their double header. The girls have the edge on Totes, the QB's are a draw and the defenses are suspect on both teams. Prediction: Totes and Sizzurp Slurpees tie 46-46

Sizzurp Slurpees (2-4) @ Wanderers (4-3)

Can you imagine a session in which The Wanderers lost 3 games? hasn't happened in YEARS, yet they sit in 2nd place and are one of two teams with a winning record. They are really missing Ed, Al and Mike right now. Slurpees will be coming off a touch matchup against Totes from earlier and if they are shorthanded like last week, could be tired. How many times can Tom run the same play before everyone figures out what he is doing? Prediction: Wanderers win 54-39

Ball Hawks (6-1) @ Bad Friend Squad (2-5) *Crossover Game* *Game of the Week #1*

When was the last time Micah lost a game as QB in D2 or D5? The answer is September 10th! Did anyone think coming into the season that would be a fact? He has both of his teams winning games and putting up some serious points, often involving his females on scoring plays. There is no way he isn't a top 5 QB right now. Ginter should have his top players this week as there are no more scheduling conflicts and he will need them as they run into the hottest team in D2. Prediction: Bad Friend Squad wins 59-56

D2: Trail by Wombat Galaxy IPA Division

Last week's scores:

Ball Hawks 58 over Totes McGoats 40

Ball Hawks 56 over Mavericks 55

Go Deep 78 over Just Get Open 60

This week's matchups:

Totes McGoats (3-4) @ Mavericks (4-3) *Game of the Week #2*

Statistically, Totes and Mavericks are very evenly matched. Mavericks won their matchup earlier in the season and look to rebound after losing two straight by a combined 4 points. Totes have a crossover game earlier in the day and I am sure they will have a full roster for Saturday. Savion has been hanging around the fields as of late; maybe he puts the Bowser costume on and gives Marty a deep threat. Angela has been playing great for her big brother and has been a welcomed addition to our referee crew. Prediction: Mavericks win 44-38

Go Deep (4-3) @ Just Get Open (0-7)

A rematch from last week in which both teams chose not to play defense and Go Deep came out on top 78-60. How does a defense with Stoner Dave and Mark have 78 points dropped on them? Just Get Open has to win at some point, right? Go Deep has been a fun team to watch and get to know. They play fast and confident and Jay avoids turning the ball over. Their females seem to get better every week and Paul is a true leader. Prediction: Go Deep wins 50-38

D3: Pills Mafia Division

Last week's scores:

Lava Covered Ninjas 48 over Laces Out 34

Laces Out 43 over The Hulks 41

Lava Covered Ninjas 34 over Kitna Kids 30

Buffalo Football Team 72 over The Hulks 26

Boats & Hoes 49 over 6th & Schlong 26

Boats & Hoes 47 over North Buffalo Blazers 32

This week's matchups:

The Hulks (3-4) @ Lava Covered Ninjas (7-0)

The QB carousel for The Hulks continues as they look to get back to .500 this week. I wish Andy of Lava Covered Ninjas had a D1 team, this guy is just too good to be playing in D3, but he remains humble and does whatever it takes to help his team win. It will be interesting to see what the Ninjas do after they win the championship, if they move up to D2 in the spring or have Tim throw instead of Marty. Prediction: Lava Covered Ninjas win 41-19

Laces Out (1-5) @ 6th & Schlong (1-5)

Not quite a game of the week, but both teams have something to prove as they fight to get out of last place in the division. The season has not gone how Brandon and Laces would have wanted, but with every team making the playoffs, now is the time for them to get the reps in and right the ship that has become a train wreck. Erin and Kay have been awesome and could have a huge day on Saturday against 6th & Schlong. Prediction: Laces Out wins 33-27

Lava Covered Ninjas (7-0) @ Kitna Kids (2-5)

I think the Ninjas stay hot as they should get a win against the Hulks earlier in the day. Kitna Kids have not played as well as they did during their spring championship run, but they have two games remaining to work on their chemistry and practice the things that made them great just a few months ago. They like to go deep and they may be able to take advantage of that against the Ninjas. I am sure they can force Marty into a few bad throws as well. Prediction: Lava Covered Ninjas win 34-30

North Buffalo Blazers (3-1) @ Buffalo Football Team (4-3) *Game of the Week #3*

Seth has been great for the Buffalo Football team and has utilized his players well. Cordair and Dustin have helped limit their opponents' scoring and have kept their team in close games. Leah from North Buffalo Blazers suffered an unfortunate injury last week and I wish her well in her recovery. The Blazers courageously finished the game shorthanded last week and kept things close against Boats & Hoes. This team is very dangerous with their combination of consistent QB play, deep threat females and a suffocating defense. Prediction: North Buffalo Blazers win 45-30

D4: Minkey Boodle Sour Division

Last week's scores:

North Buffalo Knights 20 @ I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie 6

Ampadu's Assets 45 over All Razzle No Dazzle 44

Boozin & Losing 48 over Show Me Them TD's 33

This week's matchups:

Show Me Them TD's (1-5) @ Ampadu's Assets (5-0)

Ampadu's picked up a thrilling win last week against All Razzle No Dazzle, with a somewhat controversial ending from what I have heard. The point differential is a possible indication of how this game could unfold, but I never count a team out. Show Me Them TD"s will have to play a mistake-free game of football on Saturday to knock off the undefeated Ampadu's. Prediction: Ampadu's wins 50-18

North Buffalo Knights (4-1-1) @ Ampadu's Assets (5-0) *Game of the Week #4*

North Buffalo is holding their opponents to 16 PPG. Yes, you read that correctly, S-I-X-T-E-E-N points per game. Ampadu's is scoring over 44 PPG. The saying goes; "defense wins championships'' may come into play here. I hope to see Neil bobble the ball at least 8 times this week for a TD, yeah that happened! The Knights will need to watch out for Cassidy downfield as she has become a legitimate deep threat for Ampadu's. I am personally calling out Remi to wake up for this game if you are in town...if not, then you should tune in to our livestream and you can watch your brothers play in the game of the week! Prediction: Ampadu's Assets win 37-26

All Razzle No Dazzle (3-4) @ Show Me Them TD's (1-5)

Old Dave has his team right in the middle of the pack and needs a few lucky things to happen to the teams ahead of All Razzle in the standings to better position themselves for seeding. Dylan will look to continue to build the chemistry on his team as Show Me looks to win their second of the season. This could be a tough one for them though as All Razzle has many years of experience as well as the edge in females, especially with the way Taylor has been playing lately. Prediction: All Razzle No Dazzle wins 37-16

Goatsack (3-3) @ I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie (1-5)

Goatsack is sitting comfortable in 4th place and PJ has been such a huge addition to their team. I Like Big Punts struggled without their QB last week, but held a very good North Buffalo Knights team to only 20 points. There are tons of veterans in this game, with many having previous experience in some of our top divisions. The average age in this game is probably upwards of 38! Prediction: Goatsack wins 30-20

Still Running (1-5) @ I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie (1-5) *Game of the Week #4*

Congrats to Still Running for picking up their first win of the season and just in time to get their confidence back before playoffs. They will catch I Like Big Punts in the second game of their double header and could work to tire them out. Still Running has the better offense, but I Like Big Punts has the better defense. The teams are evenly matched and although the scoring won't be high, the game will be fun to watch. Prediction: I Like Big Punts & I Cannot Lie wins 21-17

Still Running (1-5) @ Boozin and Losing (5-0-1)

Boozin and Losing just keeps cruising. They have been giving other teams a bruising. Darren doesn't need any schmoozing. Alright, that's enough, but you get my point. The crew in purple is really good, and they have been for a while now. They face off against Still Running, who will be playing their second game of the day. If Boozin and Losing are playing their game, it will be hard for Still Running to stop them on offense and they will have to make sure to find the end zone themselves nearly every trip down the field. Prediction: Boozin and Losing wins 44-18

D5: Bliss DIPA Golden Keg Division

Last week's scores:

The Gas Gang 42 over Your Brother 34

Your Brother 44 over Trophy Wives FC 0

All About the U 38 over Sugar Daddies 18

Laces In 42 over Shattered Dreams 36

This week's matchups:

The Gas Gang (4-3) @ Talent Juice (1-5)

Tim is looking to inject some juice into his team this week as they have really had a lot of fun getting together on Saturdays. After having the week off last week, Linda will surely be out there dancing and making her teammates smile once again. The Gas Gang has had an up and down season so far, but look very talented and like they could compete in D4. The chemistry is evident and if their QB can stay confident in his abilities, which he should, then they could spell upset in the playoffs for a higher seeded team. Prediction: The Gas Gang wins 30-23

Sugar Daddies (5-2) @ Shattered Dreams (1-5)

What is a Sugar Daddy? According to Google, a Sugar Daddy is an older man who may throw gifts, allowances, and trips on a younger woman or man in exchange for a consensual sexual relationship. I hope this isn't what is happening on Saturdays with Brian's team, but I think they are about to shatter some dreams too. Dianne has been amazing for her team and Tanner knows he can feed her the ball. Chris and crew played a close one last week against Laces In, but it wasn't enough even after adding Erin for the game. Prediction: Sugar Daddies win 31-20

Shattered Dreams (1-5) @ Your Brother (4-2)

I am calling out Tony to do more this week for Shattered Dreams! Seriously though, this guy is all over the field, catching sideline passes, running deep routes and making play after play on defense. Somebody else needs to step up and give him some help. On the other side of the field, Mike looks to continue to build on this QB play as he has looked cool, calm and collected behind center. Your Brother is in a great position and is one of the team teams that I think can challenge All About the U. Prediction: Your Brother wins 35-16

Laces In (4-3) @ All About the U (5-0)

JJ had Brandon throw for Laces last week and it proved to pay off as they squeaked by Shattered Dreams by a score. Kay played great for Laces as she hauled in pass over pass right up the middle of the field. Isaac just keeps smiling to himself as he knows what a dangerous roster he has assembled and how lucky he is to have Micah throwing the ball. All About the U looks like they are on a collision course to the D5 championship and it doesn't seem like there is anybody standing in their way. Prediction: All About the U wins 41-16

All About the U (5-0) @ Trophy Wives FC (1-5)

Upset potential? Probably not, but Trophy Wives FC are really fun to watch and I can see these teams having a great time on Saturday, regardless of the outcome. Dustin has been hard on himself lately, but he should continue to go out there and lead his team as he does every week. He has great teammates around that truly believe in him. They will need to be very careful to limit turnovers as the U defense has several ball hawks. Prediction: All About the U wins 52-8

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:

Where are the QB rankings? What about a top 10 female list? Can we get a top 5 list of young talent to build around? What else do you want to hear about? You know how to reach me, let me know and I can include it in my weekly write up!

2-Point Conversion:

My Draft Queens Morning Glory Division predictions;

Tits & Picks 29 over Mafia 19

Little Giants 37 over Crowns & Touchdowns 31

1-Point Conversion:

Who is the team most likely to upset the Buffalo Bills during the regular season? Looking at their schedule, it really seems like they could go 16-1, but if I had to pick I would say the Minnesota Vikings in Week 10 or the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 17.

Do you disagree with my predictions? Have I not mentioned your name yet? What about that amazing sideline, toe drag, one-handed, eyes closed catch you made? Reach out to me at and tell me about your team and share some things I can post for the following week.

I think it's funny hearing people talk about who they think I am...I'll be listening and watching, as always.

"The Manager"

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