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Week 4

Can you believe that Week 4 is here already? What a fun season it has been so far and I am truly enjoying getting to know the new teams, players and refs in the league. The turf fields are gorgeous and the Game On! staff have done a great job helping to provide a safe and fun environment to us all on Saturdays.

Would you believe that there are 5 undefeated teams remaining with 1 in each of our 5 divisions? There are 4 teams that are still winless as well with D3 being the only division without a winless team. As I walk around the fields watching and possibly even playing each week, I see everyone enjoying themselves and meeting new friends and faces. The weather turned out great and it only rained for about 5 minutes.

My question to you all last week was to guess how many cones it takes to set up all of our fields and the responses that I got were so far off that I have decided to not award any prizes. The answer is 355 if you believe it and the closest guess was still more than100 off! A big thank you to the staff members that help setup and clean the fields before and after we play as we could not do it without you.

I have heard from many different people since the first article I wrote and I would love to hear from more of you. I promise to respond to every email I receive and perhaps I can even offer advice about your upcoming games or opponents. I encourage you all to also read through ALL of the divisions and write-ups as we truly have great people throughout every division top to bottom and I try my best to highlight as many teams and players as possible. You can email me at Enjoy this week's predictions although I have proven to be very wrong in my picks and see if you and your team did enough for me to take notice.


Last week's scores:

Wanderers 53 over Goungo Fever 26

Can't Two Hand Touch This 75 over Get Open & Catch the Ball 50

Goungo Fever 40 over Sizzurp Slurpees 32

Wanderers 47 over Losing Streak 46

Losing Streak 85 over Get Open & Catch the Ball 14

Our QB is Better than Allen 56 over Tap Dat Pass 43

The Wanderers did what they do best and that is win as they now sit atop the division undefeated. Poor Justin and crew had 160, yes 160 points dropped on them Saturday but fought courageously in both games. Goungo Fever got hot in their second game beating Sizzurp Slurpees, who are now winless and in last place all alone. Can't Two Hand Touch This continues to roll and put up big numbers and Losing Streak did the same going 1-1. Someone from Our QB is Better than Allen emails me every week to tell me how wrong I am on the point spread and that "anything less than 50 points is a disgrace." There are only 4 games this week, but there should be some great matchups.

This week's matchups:

Wanderers @ Sizzurp Slurpees +14

Tough week for Wanderers as they likely lost Mike for the season. Best wishes for a quick and speedy recovery. Matt hasn't been able to get his team on the same page this season as teams may have found out how to stop the Tom Earley play. Slurpees are giving up 41 PPG on defense and Wanderers are putting up 44 PPG. Anything can happen on Saturdays and Matt has had success against Sal and crew before, but I don't think this will be the week. Prediction: Wanderers win 46-27

Losing Streak @ Tap Dat Pass +10

Jordan and his crew looked like they were having a blast last week and could be heard from two fields over. As if their roster wasn't stacked enough they apparently picked up Keyon and Courtney off of waivers too. Tap Dat Pass has been a welcomed surprise in D1 as James and Shakeem have been making plays and a name for themselves while Tony does just enough and limits his turnovers to keep his team in games. Someone from Losing Streak emailed me to give a shout out to Ralph showing up on time for games so far this season. Prediction: Losing Streak wins 54-45

Get Open & Catch the Ball @ Sizzurp Slurpees EVEN *Game of the Week #1*

Surely Justin, Jeff and Bryan will be looking for revenge after last weeks' disappointing point differential. The talent is there, the chemistry is fine, but they seemed to be overmatched in both of their games. Slurpees will have already played earlier and hope to get into the win column this week. Tom and Matt have probably been reffing so much that they can't practice the play and if Des and Emily have anything to say about it, they will remind Matt not to force the ball into double coverage. I like both QB's here and am pegging this as our first game of the week. Prediction: Sizzurp Slurpees win 39-36

Goungo Fever +18 @ Our QB is Better than Allen

Who throws for Goungo Fever? I feel like I have seen Marty, Tim and Micah all throw a pass this season and each are more than capable QB's. What a luxury to have in a division that requires you to have a decent arm behind center. Joe from Our QB uses live footage each game to tape the other teams to gain insight and study in the film room throughout the week. This has clearly been an advantage as they are undefeated in championships and hope to get back there again this year. This team is humble and knows how to score. Prediction: Our QB is Better Than Allen is not actually better than Allen but wins 51-28


Last week's scores:

Totes 41 over Mavericks 34

Touch Football Mafia 43 over Touchdown There 24

GUCCI 54 over Just Get Open 36

Clutch Genes 48 over Go Deep 40

Go Deep 53 over Just Get Open 8

This division is ridiculously hard to predict. Totes finally get their first win and Clutch Genes remains undefeated. GUCCI beat up on Just Get Open as did Go Deep. There was a lot of touching in Touch Football Mafia winning against Touchdown There and basically all of my predictions were wrong for last week. There is really not much separating the top to bottom of this division and I can see any team moving up or down several spots in the standings after this week. 6 great games on tap this week and a division in which all teams really know how to score.

This week's matchups:

Clutch Genes @ GUCCI +2

So GUCCI sits tied for 3rd with Just Get Open and holds the tiebreaker, while Clutch Genes turned into a pic machine in the 2nd half last week to take sole possession of 1st. Karon rallied his team from a huge deficit to win in dramatic fashion. Kelly threw to one of the five giants on her team for 8 points down the field every time. GUCCI has been doing this way longer and it is tough to keep up with the female scores especially considering Clutch usually has no female subs. Prediction: Clutch Genes wins another close one 41-34

Totes McGoats @ Touchdown There +7

Totes looks great once they have their full team and perhaps Touchdown There needs a few extra rostered players to show up each week. Teams may have figured out to just cover the fast guy on Touchdown There as they still remain winless, which is so not like them. Marty is throwing 12 games on Saturday but this one is early in the day so he should be ok. Totes is only 2 sessions removed from D1 and looking to move back. Prediction: Touchdown There finally gets a W and wins 42-38

Touch Football Mafia @ Mavericks +4

Steve and family looked better this past week and may have started to get things back on track. He utilizes his females better than most teams and Jeremy is fresh off a MVP award. The Mavericks are still trying to figure things out and tend to leave glaring holes in their defense for opposing teams to feast on. Mavericks have the speed, but lack the chemistry that Touch Football Mafia has built over the years. Prediction: Touch Football Mafia wins 44-40

Clutch Genes @ Touch Football Mafia +6

A double header and the second for both teams this week as Karon and Steve face off for what I believe is the first time ever. The ladies are really the showcase of this matchup as Rylee and Lauren go up against Melissa and Courtney. I would love to see these teams play man defense as it would be a hard prediction for me to give one team the edge. Touch Football Mafia doesn't ever really play man so I don't see it happening but if Clutch Genes play like they did last week this one may not be close. Prediction: Clutch Genes wins 43-29

Totes McGoats +2 @ Go Deep

Paul and crew have looked great so far in D2, facing off against some of the top teams and showing they belong. They are averaging 48 PPG and have a +54 point differential. Did you know these guys signed up for D1 and were moved down by the league! Personally, I think they belong in D1 and they will have a true test against a former top division team in Totes. The ladies of Go Deep played phenomenal last week and I believe each team has 5 females on the roster. Would Jay and Marty PLEASE allow for 1 drive each way with only the QB and ladies on the field? Prediction: Go Deep wins 50-44

Just Get Open @ Go Deep EVEN

Who makes the schedule? These teams just played last week! Go Deep took an easy win 53-8. These two teams stay true to their names as John and Brian expect their players to just get open while Paul and Jay's play calling is strictly, go deep. Brian struggled last week as his main squeeze, Dave, dropped a few passes and was shut down on deep routes. Jay looked very comfortable both playing from behind as well as in the lead and didn't make many mistakes during their second game. Prediction: Go Deep is a better philosophy than Just Get Open and Go Deep wins 41-32


Last week's scores:

Still Running 35 over Goatsack! 22

North Buffalo Knights 39 over The Hulks 26

Laces Out! 60 over 4th & Schlong 49

It's For Fun 36 over 4th & Schlong 31

It's For Fun 26 over Suite D 13

Lava Covered Ninjas 36 over Suite D 12

Laces Out continues to roll, hopefully right into D2 this fall. It's for Fun had more fun by winning both of their games. Still Running finally started running and Lava Covered Ninjas quietly sneaked into 2nd place. Suite D hasn't won since Week 1 and 4th & Schlong had a schlong day losing their double headers. D3 has been shaping up to be better than advertised as only one game separates 2nd through 9th place.

This week's matchups:

The Hulks +6 @ It's For Fun

The Hulks are hot one week and then cool off the next. It is hard to predict when these guys are going to get angry. It's For Fun did a lot of winning last week and moved up in the standings. Carri and Amanda have been great for Austin and seem to be making more plays each week. Dave tells Will he knows how to run the offense even though he tends to overthrow his receivers from time to time and then demands to play safety. Both these teams are fun to watch and even more fun to play against. Prediction: It's For Fun continue their hot streak and win 32-21

The Hulks +2 @ 4th & Schlong

Why doesn't my flip phone auto correct the word schlong? Sean and his team have been losing close, 1 score games as of late and seem like they are just a few players or pieces away from getting on a roll. The Hulks will be playing their second game of the day, probably begging for subs and tired from chasing around the ladies on It's For Fun. Does Sean know you get 6 downs? Should their team name be 6th & Schlong? Prediction: 4th & Schlong wins 33-29

Still Running +15 @ Laces Out

Both teams are coming off of convincing wins. Still Running has struggled to get their offense moving and put points on the board, while Laces Out are averaging 46 PPG, top in the division by a mile. Erin looks like a true MVP contender of the division and has played lights out for her team. Alan has humbly handed over the reins of QB and has been more than happy to offer tips and tricks to the new signal caller. Josh was mentally in the game, but physically, looked like he had a rough night last week. Prediction: Laces Out wins 49-21

Goatsack! @ Lava Covered Ninjas +4 *Game of the Week #2

Best luck to Jess's husband, Dan, as he suffered an injury last week that will likely sideline him for the remainder of the season. Goatsack will certainly be playing for Dan this week as they try to get back on track with a win. The females are plentiful in this one as each roster has 12 or so ladies ready to go each week. Karly continues to play great for the Ninjas and makes Marty look a little better than he is. Do the refs really allow Andy to hike the ball by saying "Goatsack!" Prediction: Goatsack! doesn't change their signal but win 37-32

Lava Covered Ninjas @ Still Running +5

With so many players on multiple rosters on Lava Covered Ninjas, there are sure to be conflicts for some of their games. This could be one of those games and Still Running could take advantage of that. Veteran Kevin of Still Running will probably be rushing Marty and that could pose problems for the Ninjas. Nick and Jordan have been running for a really long time and could tire out by the end of this one. Prediction: Lave Covered Ninjas win 34-22

Suite D +10 @ North Buffalo Knights

There really hasn't been anything sweet about Suite D's defense. They have now dropped three straight in 2+ score games and haven't lived up to Clay's lofty expectations. Could this be the week that they get back on track? The Knights of North Buffalo have a forfeit win, a blowout loss and a win against a shorthanded Hulks team last week under their belt. Both QB's in this game have played years of competitive football and look forward to matching up against one another. The coed experience that Chris has should be an edge in this one. I'm rooting for you Clay! Prediction: North Buffalo Knights win 35-18

Golden Keg Division:

Last week's scores:

Kitna Kids 40 over Shattered Dreams 16

Show Me Your TD's 38 over Shattered Dreams 12

Your Mom 18 ties Boozin and Losing 18

Boats and Hoes 58 over Ampadu's Assets 0

Ghosts of Meridian 35 over Balls Deep 26

All Razzle No Dazzle 60 over Trophy Wives 8

Boats and Hoes 32 over Odoo 12

Kitna Kids finally makes me proud and collectively shatters dreams with Show Me Your TD's. Boats and Hoes put up 90 on their way to a relatively simple 2-0 last week. Boozin and Losing showed they were not invincible as Your Mom tied them 18-18. The Ghosts of Meridian spook their way to a win over Balls Deep. Trophy Wives got razzled and dazzled and Odoo must have had a team event that was more important than football. We have a full slate of games for this week and teams looking to make a statement a little before the midway point in our season.

This week's matchups:

Boozin and Losing @ Ghosts of Meridian +12

Your Mom showed that Boozin and Losing was vulnerable last week and played them to a tie while holding them to under 20. Rochelle still caught some deep balls from her brother but seemed more interested in making sure everyone on the sidelines was hydrated, even carrying around her own garbage bag to pick up empties. Micah has proven to be an asset at QB for the Ghosts and brings some D1 experience down to our Golden Keg division. Prediction: The Ghosts of Meridian win 29-26 because they now know Rochelle's weakness

Your Mom +10 @ Balls Deep

Thank you Nick from Your Mom for reaching out to me and props to Angela and Michael for an awesome game last week! From what I saw, you all really played a great game on offense and defense against a powerhouse in your division. There are some great athletes on Balls Deep though and you are about to meet Savion and Andy, who you should probably pay close attention to. If the receivers would just run the routes that Mike calls, Balls Deep would probably be undefeated and putting up 40 PPG. Prediction: Balls Deep players don't run the routes but still win 32-15

Boats and Hoes @ Shattered Dreams +18

Jesse and the Rippers�?�¢?�?�¦I mean Shattered Dreams, has been around for a long time. Randi was an absolute stud last week as she jumped a pass for an incredible interception and took it to the house. Josh of Boats and Hoes was kind enough to put a backup QB in, who proceeded to drop dimes over the helpless defenders. Boats and Hoes reminded us all last week that they are a force to be reckoned with as they are not too far removed from D2. This game features 1st place vs. 6th place with one team struggling to score and the other scoring at will. Prediction: Boats and Hoes win 47-19

Ampadu's Assets @ Odoo +8

How does Ampadu's fail to score last week? Interesting to see Marco of Ampadu's helping out Odoo as they were shorthanded. How does a team with like 77 people only have 5 come out for the game? The answer is easy. The other 72 were busy putting up company billboards around the city for all to see! I haven't seen Ampadu's struggle like they did last week and I don't believe that it is a sign of things to come. Prediction: Ampadu's lends players to Odoo as they are now handing out fliers and win 41-19

Your Mom @ Trophy Wives EVEN *Game of the Week #3*

You don't have to be top in the standings to qualify for Game of the Week and even though these two teams are not playing to their potential, I am giving this game a nod as a must watch this Saturday. Trophy Wives seem to be learning a little more each week and are still having fun, but would love to get into the win column. Your Mom has all the confidence in the world after tying the top competition in the division last week. Prediction: Your Mom wins 17-14

Shattered Dreams +3 @ Kitna Kids

What a tough game to predict here. I know that both of these teams can get on a roll and this could be the week to do just that. Chris has been throwing passes to wide open Keyshaun for almost a decade now and would love to win a championship before their careers are over. I may have jinxed Kitna Kids by hyping them up so early in the season, but after what I saw indoors, I knew what they were capable of. Joe, do you and your team even read these? Prediction: Kitna Kids doesn't read the write-ups so Shattered Dreams win 23-19

Show Me Your TD's @ Odoo +7

Tanner has looked great at QB, Josh continues to fail to show up for games and Joe has proven to be a ball hawk on defense. I am hoping that Odoo does actually have their full roster here because when they do, they are fun to watch and seem to have tons of chemistry. Does Tanner do the write-ups? Look at his Game On! profile! Will Odoo need subs again? I may be available to play if needed, just email me. Prediction: Show Me Your TD's win 32-16 and Odoo doesn't ask me to play

I appreciate those that have reached out to me and given me insight into your players and teams. It sounds like quite a few of you are enjoying reading the weekly "Extra Points" write-ups. I love writing these for all of you to enjoy and hope that you share them with your teams. Let me know if I missed anything, if you disagree with your preseason odds, like Tap Dat Pass, which has proven me wrong thus far, or if you just want to tell me how awesome I am! Have fun this Saturday and make it a point to meet at least three new people like I try to do each week.

This week's "Extra Points" round out the write-up;

3-Point Conversion:
How do you like the 3 point conversion? Has your team converted on any? Is that too far for Marty to throw?

2-Point Conversion:
What ranking would you most like to see over the next few weeks? Best QB; Best Female; Best Football Couple; Best Team; Best Team Jerseys; Player Most Likely to have a shot in the NFL. The more I hear from you, the more I know what you all want. Email me at

1-Point Conversion:
Did you know there will be a summer league? Friday nights on the turf under the lights! The league starts June 10th and registration is open now. Get your team signed up now for early bird pricing and secure your spot with a full roster before it fills!

I'll see you all this Saturday!

"The Manager"

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